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Nutrition // IQ // Shopper Cards // Bread & Circuses //

Nutrition and shopper cards?  Katherine explores the connection.  A UK study shows a link between fast food and lowering of IQ.  Katherine wonders what impact soy has on this.  Making fresh food and eating as a family at the dinner table has lasting health benefits.  Be careful of your food - shrimp from Asia is being fed fecal matter.  Gasp - the information for the study came from supermarket card purchases.  For a copy of Katherine's Supermarket Card Report just send an email to kma@spychips.com with "Radio" and "Supermarket Report" in the subject line.

Fast food children 'develop lower IQs': Junk diet has a lasting effect, warn experts

Childhood nutrition has a longstanding effect on IQ

Could SOY be contributing to society's new gender troubles?

Katherine's Show With Sally Fallon On The Dangers of Soy

No Cards

Katherine's Show On Family Dinners and Children

Seafood from Asia Raised on Pig Waste, Says News Report

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Father's Day // Ed Tandy McGlasson // Fatherhood //

Happy Father's Day.  Ed and Katherine talk about the importance and role of fathers and fatherhood.  Fathers just want to make sure that they mattered in the life of their kids.  The key is to be the person that your kids want you to be. Stepfathers should ask the stepchildren how they want them to be in their lives.  Daughters want to be cherished and sons respected.

Ed Tandy McGlasson

The Father You Always Wanted

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