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Censorship //  Morals //

Egypt jails author for two years over sexually explicit novel

China bans images of gay people on TV

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Stayed On Freedom - Eric Bibb
They Can't Take that Away from Me - Sarah Vaughan
Hearts Break - Slaid Cleaves

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David Deschesne // Sleep Habits // Earth’s Schuman Resonance //

Katherine is joined by David Deschesne, Editor/Publisher of the Fort Fairfield Journal. They discuss sleep habits and Earth’s Schuman Resonance. Schuman Resonance is caused by electromagnetic resonant waves that bounce around the globe for a few seconds after a lightning strike. A fascinating hour of radio.

Fort Fairfield Journal

Schuman Resonance - WFFJ-TV Documentary

Resonance Beings of Frequency

Editorials transcribed and adapted for print from Katherine's radio programs

Bumpers for today's show

If Walls Could Talk - Little Milton
Keep off the Grass - Todd Snider
Fool - Donavon Frankenreiter

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