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Ransomware // StartMail // Porn // Donation //

Katherine had a friend whose computer held up by ransomware. When Katherine delved into this she found that there is a ton of scary ransomware out there.  Much of it from porn sites or email links.  You need to be very wary of opening any links - even from friends.   It is not just unknown enties doing this - look at Bank of America.  You need to use StartMail, back up your computer and other electronic devices on a regular if not daily basis, not access porn sites, and be very careful about opening links.

Ransomware (wiki)

Porn app secretly takes photos of users to ransom them

‘I am the one who knocks’: Breaking Bad-themed malware blackmails Aussie users

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Carvin Garland Haggins // Music?? // Vulgar Lyrics //

Join the fight against vulgar lyrics and what the music industry is insisting on telling us what we want.  Katherine cannot even read the lyrics of songs on the air without bleeping out a host of words.  As a Grammy Award winning producer and a parent, Cavin took on trying to clean up what his kids were listening to going to and fro school.  Please join the fight!!

Grammy Award Winning Producer Takes On Urban Radio, Demanding End To Vulgar Lyrics

Rage Against the Rachet

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