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Being interviewed on WJNO Radio in West
Palm Beach, Florida about our protest march
and prayer vigil to stop the chipping of
Alzheimers patients.


Soaking up the sunshine at a local New
Hampshire strawberry festival.

Protesting the use of RFID tags in clothing and
shoes at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology.
(Watch TV news coverage /
Read press release)

With someone I greatly admire: Pastor Steve
of Peacemakers International Fellowship
Church, who saves drug addicts in inner-city
Detroit.  (See details of my trip)

Having lunch with radio host George Noory of
Coast to Coast AM, the late-night radio show
with 12 million loyal listeners.
(I'm a frequent guest!)

With Tom Danheiser, George's talented producer.

Protesting Wal-Mart's use of item-level RFID
in Dallas with my brilliant Spychips Co-Author
Liz McIntyre. (See slideshow and details.)

Laughing at the RFID industry with futurist
and science fiction legend Bruce Sterling.
(Bruce wrote the hilarious, side-splitting
foreward to Spychips.)

Signing books at the ACLU's REAL ID town
hall meeting
in Phoenix, 2008. (Yes, I'm
left-handed.) Photo courtesy of Bruce Cormier.

Testifying before the California State legislature
on the dangers of RFID. (Details)

Uncovering scandals at the RFID Industry's
"Metro Future Store" in Germany.
(See full story and slideshow here.)


Opposing Wal-Mart's RFID plans in Amherst, NH,
at a protest organized by freedom
activists Joel
Winters, Jack Shimek, and Michael Fisher.

katherine albrecht and jonathan westhues hacking verichip implants 300.jpg

Hacking the VeriChip implant at a TV station
with security researcher Jonathan Westhues.


The Associated Press took this photo to
accompany the huge implant-cancer research
article that took down VeriChip.
(Photo by Jim Cole)

Anti-war protesting in Washington, DC,
on the eve of the Iraq war.
Read the full BBC article. (Photo by BBC.)

Taking a stand against the Federal Reserve
at the 2008 "End the Fed" rally in Boston.

Supporting Ron Paul with gun rights activist,
Free Stater,  NH State Representative (!!)
and dear friend Jenn Coffey.

Protesting Wal-Mart's RFID plans in Bedford,
NH, with my rabble-rousing pal Joel Winters.
(Attn. RFID industry folks: that's the "Honorable
NH State Representative Joel Winters" to you.)


Receiving my Doctorate in Education from
Harvard University, June 2006. Phew!

(Blog entry here.)

A fitting sentiment! Taking a stand against
eminent domain at the Manchester, NH,
Airport with friends from the Free State







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