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Internet of Things // GMO Labeling //

The Internet of Things is eagerly being anticipated by the CIA as it will make spying much easier.  Review or read Katherine's book Spychips for a complete description of the Internet of Things and its implications.  Katherine relates her brush with joining the CIA.  Some good news.  Congress is calling on the FDA to require labeling of GMO and GE foods.

CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will 'transform' surveillance

Remarks by Director David H. Petraeus at In-Q-Tel CEO Summit

Fifty-Five Members Of Congress Call On FDA To Require Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Foods

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Mike McHugh // Saint Patrick //

Michael McHugh, has a rollicking and engaging discussion with Katherine about the life and legacy of Saint Patrick.

Great Light Publications

Christain Library

Christain Book

Nate Saint (wiki)

Katherine's Interview with Steve Saint - Monday, December 13, 2021 (hour 2)

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Digital Loyalty Card // Smartphone // Belly //

Katherine continues her discussion of yesterday of the dangers of Smartphones focusing her attention today on the efforts to make your phone a digital loyalty card.  Belly (flop) is one such program.  Austin Texas is the test location for one such "unified" digital loyalty card.  Beware of using your Smartphone in public places for sensitive matters including banking.  A big push is on for a cash free society where you pay using your phone linked to your bank accounts.

Belly Up To The Digital Loyalty Card (Groupon's Founders Have)

New customer loyalty card good at 100-plus Austin businesses

Get In My Belly: Digital Customer Loyalty Focuses On QR Codes, Personalization

Austin, TX to become NFC test city

Rise in identity fraud tied to smartphone use

Infographic: The Mobile Payment Market

Mobile industry champions paying with phones

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Dr. Tim Kimmel // Grace Based Parenting //

Wow! What an hour!  Dr. Tim Kimmel shares some amazing insights with Katherine about parenting of children.  Tim discusses the four freedoms to give the people we love - the freedom to be different, the freedom to be vunerable, the freedom to be candid, and the freedom to make mistakes.

Family Matters

Grace Based Parenting

Grace Based Parenting: Set Your Family Free

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Smartphones // GPS // Facebook //

Lost Smartphones and other devices can mean lost privacy and data.  Katherine discusses a number of scary stories. Symantec did a study that found almost all people finding a Smartphone tried to access the data.  Thieves were stealing  GPS devices during games to locate the owner's home and steal during the game.  Antennas can be used to get information off your Smartphone.  A court ruled that cell phones can be searched without a warrant.  Schools, potential employers and government agencies are demanding your social media user names and passwords.

Eavesdropping Antennas Can Steal Your Smart Phone's Secrets

Lost phone? There's an 89% chance somebody tried to access data

Introducing the Symantec Smartphone Honey Stick Project

Symantec Smartphone Honey Stick Project (pdf)

U.S. court approves warrantless searches of cell phones

Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords

12-year-old sues school district over Facebook profile search

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Steve Bauer //

Katherine and Steve discuss his new book The Math of Christ, which provides fascinating insights into the odds of Christ achieving what was written in the Bible.

Steve Bauer

The Math of Christ (Amazon)

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Relaxation // Outdoors // Davy Jones // Butterflies //

Both God and psychologists agree that we need to take one day per week to relax.  Going outside is necessary for your physical and mental health.  Although there are concerns about toxins in the outdoor environment, sitting inside is much worse for you.  Thanks for the email from Brian.

Quarter of children play outdoors every day

Davy Jones dies of heart attack

Monsanto’s Roundup Shown to be Ravaging Butterfly Population

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Alex Hanff // Google Sued // Android Phones // "Privacy" //

Alex Hanff tells Katherine about his lawsuit against Google their new "privacy" policy which now includes tracking of Android phone users and adding that data to their massive dossiers they keep on each of us.

Alex Hanff

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Self-Tanning // Google Street View // Depilatories //

Self-tanners contain chemicals that accelerate DNA damage.  Sunshine is much better for your health.  Be careful where you sun in your yard.  A French man is suing Google for taking a picture of him peeing in his enclosed yard.  Perhaps just getting rid of the gophers.  Be very careful about what you put on your body.  Katherine discusses depilatories as an example.

Behind the Label: Garnier's Ambre Solaire Gloss Bronzer

Peeing Frenchman sues Google for making him 'laughing stock'

Chemistry in Your Cupboard

Depilatory Hair Removal Creams 101



Hour 2 ( Download the MP3 )

Edward Hasbrouck // The Practical Nomad // Google // Airline Reservations // No Fly List //

What do airline reservation databases and the No Fly List have in common?  Google owns both.  Edward, a travel expert with the indentity project, discusses this dismaying information with Katherine.

Edward Hasbrouck

Papers Please

Google is now in the PNR hosting business

Google, U.S. Near Deal Accord on Travel

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