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Children's social skills 'eroded by decline of family meals'

Probing Questions - Does eating while watching TV harm kids?

Many kids are eating (too much) in front of TV

How Americans Eat Today

Families spend 'more time watching television than eating at dinner table'

Dinner table rules 'combat asthma and obesity'

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Dr. Tom Borelli // Al Gore // Apple //

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Dr. Tom Borelli

Bloom Energy’s Fuel Cells Will Power iCloud and Siri

Conflict of Interest Concerns Escalate Over Apple Board Member Al Gore

How many gallons of gasoline would it take to charge an iPhone?

Green Data Center News

IBM Creates Solar Array For Data Centres

Apple Unveils Details Of Massive Solar Project

Nordic Countries Increasingly Attractive as Sites for Data Centers

Is iPhone 4S Greener? Siri’s Answer: “No”

6 Things You’d Never Guess About Google’s Energy Use

Apples Tax Strategy Aims at Low-Tax States and Nations

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Updating // State Sales Taxes // Cash Payments On-Line // Burger King // Ron Paul // My Pillow Purchasers //

Katherine is updating her show and is welcoming suggestions!  Please email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  The states are trying to grab sales taxes on internet sales and anywhere else they can. Texas and Amazon made a deal for on-line sales.  Walmart is trying to get into on-line sales and is letting customers pay cash - but only after providing tons of ID.  Thanks to listener Brian for checking how Walmart is conducting the cash on-line sales.  Some good news, Burger King promises to use cage free eggs and pork - in 2013.

Amazon, Texas Reach Deal to Settle Sales Tax Spat

The Sales Tax Clearinghouse

Sales taxes in the United States (wiki) Lets You Pay With Cash When Shopping Online

Burger King promises to use cage-free eggs and pork

Actually, Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think

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Ema McKinley // Miracles //

Ema shares a powerful and moving story of her tragic accident, her decades in a wheelchair, and her miraculous recovery.  WOW!

There is Nothing Too Big for God (Arc Magazine, March 2012, pages 8-10 (pdf)

Ema McKinley Miracle Healing; Ema walks from wheelchair after 18 years (YouTube)

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Exercise // Water // Reshoring // Strikes // GMO Bans //

Exercise and addiction? Learing?  Katherine explores these links. Some good news.  Drinking water can be made potable with lime juice and sunshine.  Corporations are looking into reshoring - bringing the jobs back to America.  The Chinese people are standing up for themselves - by striking and having GMOs banned.  Peru also has banned GMOs for ten years.  Now they are trying to get Agent Orange corn approved.

How Exercise Can Prime the Brain for Addiction

Sunlight Plus Lime Juice Makes Drinking Water Safer

Big manufacturers more likely to support “Made in USA”

More Than a Third of Large Manufacturers Are Considering Reshoring from China to the U.S.

China says 'no' to genetically engineered rice

Workers Strike at Apple/IBM Plant in China

Peru Passes Monumental Ten Year Ban on Genetically Engineered Foods

Farm and Ranch Freedom

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Robert Lewis // Raising Sons //

Robert joins Katherine for a very informative hour on raising sons to be modern day nights.  Many aspects include manhood ceremonies.

Raising Your Son Into Manhood

The Heart Behind RMDK

Effect Fatherlessness has on Children

Authentic Manhood

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Israel // Greece // Spain //

Horrific experiments.  Google street view has come to Israel.  Although asked to blur faces and license plates, you can be sure that Google has retained the full images.  Greece has started barter due to the economic meltdown - unfortunately they are using computers to track this.  Spain has banned the use of cash for large purchases.  Katherine discusses the implications of these government actions and warns that it will be coming our way.

Vacanti Mouse

Google Street View goes live in Israel, 2 days early

Greek Town Implements Revolutionary Barter System Without Euro

Spain Bans Cash

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Keith Harmon Snow // Rwandan Genocide //

What a disturbing hour.  Keith Harmon Snow discusses his research into the Rwandan Genocide.

Rwanda (wiki)

All Things Pass

Conscious Being Alliance

NH woman accused of lying about genocide to get citizenship being released pending 2nd trial

New trial for NH woman accused of Rwanda crimes

The Rwanda Trial

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RFID // Tracking // Disney // Lexus // Facebook //

Katherine reminds us of how she had warned that RFID would be used for tracking in the name of convenience.  She relates the story of the Alston Towers theme park in the UK.  Disney has built upon this.  Now Lexus is using RFID in ads in Wired magazine.  Facebook is using acquisitons to get what it does not have.

Disney's ‘NextGen’ plan is expected cut wait times for rides and more

What is Disney Doing With RFID at its Theme Parks?

RFID-enabled Lexus Ad Debuts in Pages of Wired Magazine

Facebook sweeps up e-commerce talent by acquiring Tagtile

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Paul  Gautschi // Back to Eden // Organic Sustainable Farming //

What an enlightening hour!  Paul provides insight and direction in starting your own sustainable organic garden.  In a nutshell it is all about the cover.  It is low labor and high yield.  Watch his film - Back to Eden and listen to this hour.  Thanks to Jim Arnold who recommended this guest.  Thanks for the call from Jim in Washington and the email from a listener.

Back to Eden film

Over the Garden Fence: 'Back to Eden' teaches to mimic nature in our gardens

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