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Katherine Albrecht is the Erin Brockovich of RFID.
- Wired Magazine


This is no wild-eyed street preacher. Albrecht is a Harvard PhD candidate in educational psychology and a reliable media staple, appearing on seemingly every TV or radio talk show on the topic of RFID. Red-haired and apple-cheeked, she's wearing a tasteful sweater with a silk scarf draped around her shoulders. Albrecht is the founder of Caspian, Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering. She's well-informed, appealing, and adept at rebutting the pro-RFID arguments of industry shills and tech wonks. Most of all, she sees the danger and she's spreading the word. If Ashton is RFID's Johnny Appleseed, Albrecht is Erin Brockovich.

Albrecht began worrying about supermarkets in 1998. Looking at all the retailer loyalty cards in her wallet, she got to thinking about the databases behind them, wondering how information on her every transaction would be analyzed, used to influence her purchasing decisions, and sold to others. When RFID came along, she attended an Auto-ID Center meeting at MIT and heard a marketer say, "Won't it be great when we know every time the consumer takes the lid off the toothpaste in their own bathroom?" Realizing that the tiny chips were more powerful - and troubling - than loyalty cards ever could be, she took Caspian on the warpath against RFID.




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