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Here is a list of the songs that play through the show, along with their first or most memorable lines so you can recognize them. Enjoy!

Election Special

Ella Fitzgerald - Vote for Mr. Rhythm
"Vote for Mr. Rhythm - I'm voting twice!"

Jerry MCCain - Vote
"Sittin' around on your b*tt. saying you don't want no tax..."

L.A. Fahy - Election Day
"The misleader of this nation will be attending dinners..."

Mad Tea Party - Baby it's Time to Vote
The time is now, the way is clear, why don't you rise up this year, baby it's time to vote..."

Oscar Brand - Fair and Free Elections (circa 1800)
Sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"

Robert Ross - One Man One Vote
"One man, one vote...and may the best candidate win..."

Sarah Varchas - Vote Vote Vote (Kid's song)
"Scratch your head and clear your throat and vote, vote, vote..."

Stace England - Buy my Votes
"Money, cigarettes, and whiskey, I'm holding out for all three..."

Sunnyland Slim - Be Careful How you Vote
"Be careful how you vote on election day, cuz one of these guy just might let us down"

Zoot Daze - Vote with Your Feet
"Now she's on the dance floor just a votin' with her feet..."

Regular Bumper Music

Anais Mitchell - 1984
"Down at headquarters. there's a big database..."

Arethra Franklin - Respect
"What you want, baby I got it, what you need, you know I got it..."

Arethra Franklin - Think
"You better think, think about what you're trying to do to me..."


Barleycorn - We the People
"We the people everywhere..."

Beau Hall - Swing Down
"Swing down and rescue all my hungry brothers..."

Benjamin Zephaniah - Things we Say
"Put your ear to the ground and listen to the sound..."

Billie Holiday - On the Sunny Side of the Street
"Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep..."

Bishop Allen - Eve of Destruction
"And I tell you over and over and over again, my friend, that I'm down with you, even on the eve of destruction..."

Bob Dylan - The Times They are A-Changing
"Come gather round people wherever you roam"

Bob Seger - Understanding
"It seems like only yesterday I didn't have a clue"

Brian Free & Assurance - We'll Soon be Done with Troubles and Trials
"One of these days I'm going home, where sorrows never come..."

Bruce Springsteen - Keep Your Eye on the Prize (live in Ireland)
"Freedom's name is mighty sweet, and soon we're gonna meet..."

Cake - Carbon Monoxide (censored)
"Too much carbon monoxide for me to bear...where's the air?"

Cake - Comfort Eagle
"We are building a religion, we are building it bigger..."

Canned Heat - Let's Work Together

Cat Stevens - Peace Train
"Well I've been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come..."

Charlie Daniels - I am a Pilgrim

Charlie Dore - Dirt Makes Excellent Toothpaste
"I should be smiling, oh I should be smiling..."

Chris Buhalis - Footprints in the Snow
"If I could disappear like footprints in the snow, with no one else to trace me..."

Chris Volpe - Shoes
"I'm running madly, I don't really know from what..."

Cocoa Tea - New World Order (Reggae)
"Them come a issue microchip, with your name and your number..."

Cottonmouth - Texas 20 Big Brother (Remix)
"Have you adjusted well to this new culture of transparency?"

Craig Taubman - Shalom Rav
"Shalom rav al Yisrael amcha tasim olam" (Grant peace)

Daddy X - New World Order
Various Quotes by George Bush Sr. and Jr. and Alex Jones Set to Music

Dan Scanlan - Killin' TeeVee

Dance Central - International 15 Mercury

David Ball - Stop the World and Let me Off
"Hey stop the world and let me off, I'm tired of going round and round..."

David Essex - Rock on

Donavon Frankenreiter -Free
"We could let this love be the fading sky, we could drift all night until the new sun rise"

Donavon Frankenreiter - The Way It Is
"I'm so sorry when I told you those smokestacks were making clouds for the sky..."

Ella Fitzgerald - They Can't Take That Away from Me

Elliott Smith - Trouble
"Trouble, oh trouble set me free, I have seen your face and it's too much for me..."

Fat and Frantic - Dictator (Song for Swinging Fascists)
"Well if I had you arrested and held without charge..."

Four Bitchin' Babes - I Don't Think I'm Gonna Like It
"The look on my cat's face made me start to laugh"

Frank Sinatra - On the Sunny Side of the Street
"So if you'll all fasten your seatbelts we'll proceed, nonstop, to the sunny side of the street."

Gary Callahan - Tax Payers Blues
"I'm sick of paying taxes, it gets worse every day..."


George Harrison - Give me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Goldfish and Der Dulz - Privacy
"I like my pricacyy, yes I like it a lot, but you don't like my privacy, baby you like it not..."

Gordon Waller - Rebel Rider
"Some times you see me baby, sometimes you don't..."

Granf Funk Railroad - We're an American Band
(Instrumental segment)

"Your love is all we need to bring us together..."

Jack Johnson - Cookie Jar
"And I will turn on the TV, but it's so embarrassing...(turn that thing down)"

Jack Johnson - Good People
"Where'd all the good people go?"

Jack Johnson - Mudfootball
"We used to laugh a lot, but only because we thought that everything good always would remain..."

*James & Greg - Don't Tell me What to Do

Jesse Dyen - Freedom Isn't Free Tonight
"There's a camera on the street, supposed to be protecting me..."

Jill Scott - Golden
"I'm taking my freedom, putting it off the shelf... I'm living my life like it's golden.,,"

Jill Scott - Watching Me

Jim Croce - I've Got a Name
"Like the pine trees lining a winding road, I've got a name..."

Jimmy Buffett - Nothin' but a Breeze
"Life is just too short for some folks, for other folks it just drags on..."

John Flynn - Put Your Freedom Where Your Mouth Is
"There's a young man in a prison, somewhere far across the sea..."

John Mayer - Daughters
"Mothers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do..."

*Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

John Prine - Some Humans Ain't Human
"Some humans ain't human, some people ain't kind"

Johnny Cash - What Will You Do for Heaven's Sake?
"I got a 400 power telescope..."

Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine
"Sunshine go away today, I don't feel much like dancin'..."

Joss Stone - Right to be Wrong
"I've got a right to be wrong, my mistakes will make me strong..."

Joyce Anderson - Filled with Love
"Men of anger, men of war, my heart is filled with love"

Jungle Hammer - Clever Guy
"I used to be a clever guy, I'd reach right up and touch the sky..."

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger, & The Trinity - Break it Up (funky)
"Why don't we break it"

Kelly Lee Evans - Who Knows (jazzy)
"Sometimes I lose my perspective, don't know which path to choose..."

Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch - A Prayer Like Any Other
"It's way past midnight, little ones asleep...Oh Lord, keep your eye on my friends."

Kimya Dawson - Like Giants
"I am just a speck of dust inside a giant's eye"

Kokolo - Trouble Come, Trouble Go
"So many worries oh oh, so many wories, ah ay"

Leela James - A Change is Gonna Come
"I was born by the river in a little tent, just like a river I been running ever since"

Leela James - Prayer
"Living in a cold, cold world...What would I be if you had never said a prayer for me?"

Lenny Kravitz - Dig In
"Once you dig in, you'll find it coming out the other side..."

Lenny Kravitz - We Want Peace
"We want peace, we want peace, we want peace and we want it fast..."

Lenny Kravitz - Storm
"You're the one that keeps me strong, you're the fire that keeps me warm..."

Leonard Cohen - The Future (censored)
"Give me absolute control, over every living soul, and lie beside me baby, that's an order..."

Little Milton - If Walls Could Talk
"If walls could talk, then I'm sure you'd hear a lot of things that would make you cry my dear..."

Loudon Wainwright III - So Much to Do
"Well there's not much to say, but there's so much to do..."

Loudon Wainwright III - The End Has Begun

Louise Hoffsten - I Wish You Had My Heart
"I wish you had my heart, make you feel what I feel..."

Lyn Collins - Mr. Big Stuff
"Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are? Mr. Big Stuff, you're never gonna get my love."

Madeleine Peyroux - Don't Wait Too Long
"If you think that time will change your ways, don't wait too long."

Madeleine Peyroux - Smile
"Smile, though your heart is aching, smile even thoguh it's breaking..."

Mark Knopfler - Punish the Monkey
"Driving long nails into coffins, you've been having sleepless nights..."

Michael Hurley - Reconciled to the Blues
"I'm reconciled to the blues, cuz everything I get  I lose..."

Mirah - Light the Match
"I want to light a fire, in your heart tonight. Oh tell me, why do I so yearn to cause trouble?"

Misty's Big Adventure - The Long Conveyor Belt
"Why must it be, that all I can see is us all on a long conveyor belt?"

Misty's Big Adventure - They're Controlling our Minds
"They're controlling our minds, and I want mine back..."

McClars - Walmart Nation

Mojo Nixon - I Hate Banks (censored)
"Well I hate banks, just can't stand 'em, give me a shovel and man I'll plant 'em..."

Mojo Nixon - My Free Will Just Ain't Willin'
"Oh you can't make me kill another man, you can't make me drop bombs on his land..."

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky
"When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that's the best..."

Paul Simon - Peace Like a River
"Peace like a river ran through the city, long past the midnight curfew we sat starry-eyed..."

Perfect Confusion - Government Song (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
"It's the government and twisted politicians. I feel paranoid, but we can't just run away..."

Perfect Confusion - Make Peace and Be Free
"Woke up this morning, got out of bed, put some clothes on, put some smoke up to my head..."

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control..."

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground
"People keep on learning, soldiers keep on warring, world keep on turning..."

Roy Zimmerman - Homeland Security
"What do you call it when you get arrested for clipping a nail?"

Roy Zimmerman - One World, One Bank
"I see a future where we're all in one big tent together talking...on cell phones..."


Sarah Vaughan - They Can't Take that Away from Me
"The way you wear your hat, the way you sip your tea..."

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - This Land is Your Land (funky!)
"This land is your land, this land is my land..."

Slaid Cleaves -Bring it On
"Bring it on, bring it on, I feel the rain tumbling down..."
(I know we may be losing, but we ain't lost)

Slaid Cleaves - Hearts Break
"Get out of bed, put on your shoes...there's people dying, crying, singing the blues..."

Slaid Cleaves - This Morning I am Born Again
"This morning I was born again and a light shines on my land..."

Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People
"Sometimes I'm right, but I could be wrong, my own beliefs are in my song..."

Sonny Rhodes - Shame on You
"Shame on you for doing the things you do..."

Spartacus Jones - The Homeland Security Blues
"Theyr'e reading all my mail, they listen on my phone..."

Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle with You
"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you..."

Steve Earle - Amerika v. 6.0
"Look at you, take a look in the mirror, tell me what you see, another satisfied customer..."

Steve Miller Band - The Joker
(Not uploaded)

Susie Arioli Band - Easy Living
"Living for you is easiy living, it's easy to live when you're in love..."

Sy Oliver - Pennies from Heaven
"Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven..."

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere
"Well we know where we're going, but we don't know where we've been..."

The Beatles - Revolution
"You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world..."

The Blues Brothers - Soul Man
"Coming to ya, on a dusty road, good lovin' I got a truckload"

The Mamas and the Papas - The In Crowd
"I'm in with the in-crowd, I go where the in-crowd goes..."

The Peasants - Homeland Security
"Pull over, get out, put your hands behind your head... No, I am not your friend."

The Peasants - Everything is Out of My Control
"Everything is out of my control, smoke another cigarette and cry..."

The Seekers - The Times They Are A Changin'
(Not uploaded)

The Staple Singers - You've Got to Earn It
"To get stones from a rock, you've got to break it..."

The Two Man Gentlemen Band - The Square Root of Two
"My love for you is like the square root of two (written as a decimal)..."

The Weathermen - Freedom of Slavery
"This is no time for ceremony... Do you want to be free or do you want to be a slave?"

The Weathermen - Surveillance Star Remix
"You're being observed. Every act and word. You're a surveillance star..."

The What - Revolution 2
"It's getting rather cold in here, and I see we've given into fear..."

Todd Snider - Alot More
"Some guys are looking for diamonds, some guys just want to pay their bills..."

Todd Snider - Alright Guy
"You know just the other morning, I was hanging around at my house..."

Todd Snider - Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males
(You'll know it if you've heard it. Trust me. -K.A.)

Todd Snider - I Believe You
"I believe in karma, I believe in soul, I believe in heaven, I believe in rock and roll..."

Todd Snider - I Will Not Go Hungry
I will not go hungry the day that Jesus comes for me."

Todd Snider - Keep off the Grass
"Keep your nose clean, your head above water, keep your feet on the ground..."

Todd Snider - Statistician's Blues (live) (censored)
"They say three percent of people use five to six percent of their brain..."

Tom Paxton - Can't Help but Wonder Where I'm Bound
"It's a long and dusty road, a hot and heavy load, folks I meet ain't always kind..."

Triangle Shirt Factory - Homeland Security
"There's a war going on overseas, political leaders are telling that they are spreading peace...
("What about the homeland?")

Video Kid - CCTV
"Security, you don't bother me, you don't need security when you can follow me..."

White Rose Movement - Love is a Number
(Instrumental segment)

Zain Bhika - Can't Take it with You
"No you can't take it with you when you go..."

Zoomer - The Votes They Steal (edited out anti-bible lyrics)
"The best things in life are true, but they don't tell 'em to you..."


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