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Scheduling Katherine as a Radio or Television Guest

If you're a television or radio producer who needs a well-informed, articulate, and energetic guest, you've come to the right place!

Dr. Katherine Albrecht has granted over 2,000 print, radio, and television interviews since becoming a privacy advocate and freedom campaigner in 1999. Her insights have been featured on CNN, the CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, Business Week, The 700 Club, Wired Magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Hustler Magazine, the BBC, and the London Times -- to name a just a few.

Broadcast Background

Katherine is a seasoned broadcast professional with extensive experience in radio and television. She got her media start at the age of just 15, when she became the bilingual co-host of a daily television show called "La Familia del Doce" ("The Channel 12 Family") on XHND television in Durango, Mexico. She has since co-starred in Aaron Russo's groundbreaking film "America: Freedom to Fascism," participated in numerous documentary films, and granted scores of television interviews to news outlets across the globe.

Katherine is also a radio pro who has hosted a popular two-hour daily, freedom-oriented talk radio show since 2007. In addition to hosting her own show, she has logged over 800 hours as a guest on other local and nationally syndicated radio programs. Her proven ability to engage an audience and generate listener calls makes her popular with radio shows like Coast to Coast AM. Katherine is especially appreciated for her frequent willingness to "fil in at the last minute."

Radio Interviews

ISDN: If your radio station has ISDN capability, Katherine can join your host with studio-quality, crystal clear digital sound. Her equipment includes a state-of-the-art Comrex Matrix ISDN module with a Sennheiser microphone. Details can be arranged with your broadcast engineer.

Telephone: Katherine is happy to do phone interviews. Katherine must call in to your studio, rather than the other way around. (That way she can turn off call waiting.) Please provide a direct *non-toll-free number* for your studio ( i.e., a regular area code and phone number -- not one with an 866, 877, 888, or 800 area code). You may have to ask around to find this number.

Television Interviews

Katherine can do in person interviews in Her nearest television station is ABC affiliate WMUR inĀ 

  • Consumer Privacy / Big Brother Corporate Snooping
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the "Spychips" Agenda
  • Microchip Implants (VeriChip and HomeAgain Pet Implants)
  • REAL-ID drivers licenses
  • Grass-roots activism and consumer protest actions
  • The ffreedom movement in the US and around the globe
  • retail surveillance and store frequent shopper programs



Little known is the fact that Katherine got her broadcast start at the age of 15 as the co-host of a daily television show in Durango, Mexico, called "La Familia del Canal 12" (The Channel 12 Family). She somehow on XHND television. at the age of 15. She has also done broadcast television appearances with the CBS Evening News, CNN, Fox News, CBC,



To arrange to have Katherine make an appearance on your radio or television segment or online discussion! Please ensure the topics of your show match with her core Topics.

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at (603) 765-8100 to check Katherine's availability, to schedule an appearance, and to discuss the details of your show.

We will request the following information in order to simplify the scheduling process:

  • Title, host, and contact info for the show, station, segment, and/or franchise;
  • Time (include AM/PM and convert time zone to EST) and length of the segment;
  • Call-in number for the studio;
  • Contact info for the producer for further questions;
  • Address and directions to the studio if necessary;
  • Calling or appointment details (i.e. call or arrive 15 minutes early);
  • Topics of the show;
  • Structure of the show (interview, debate, panel, etc.);
  • The names of other participants in any panel or debate;
  • If television, list the materials, books, visuals, or other props desired for the show;
  • Requests for customized content based on audience demographics or other criteria; and
  • Requests for a list of questions.
For some clients, Katherine performs radio interviews from NHPR's studio in Concord, New Hampshire for a very high-quality audio feed. Let us know if this is your preference.

Please contact us to schedule Katherine for your event!
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