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Obtaining Sponsorship for Your Event

One way to help cover the expenses for your meeting is to find a sponsor willing to provide funding. Donors, members, exhibitors, and suppliers may be willing to help pay for the event. Sponsorship can represent a unique marketing opportunity.

The following are some benefits you can offer to potential sponsors:
  • Print a "thank you" mention in the program
  • Run the sponsor's ad in the program
  • Acknowledge the sponsor on your Web site
  • Offer to allow the sponsor to introduce the speaker and deliver a "live commercial"
  • Send out letters of invitation to the event to the sponsor's mailing list.
  • Hang a banner behind the stage where the speaker will present
  • Put fliers with the sponsor's logo on each participant's chair
  • Include the sponsor's name and logo on your handouts
  • Arrange a meal with the speaker
Here are some benefits I can offer to your sponsor:
  • Sign books in the sponsor's booth after the program
  • Deliver a short talk to the sponsor before the conference
  • Provide reprint rights on an article I have written for the sponsor's newsletter
Here is a Sample Sponsorship Letter you can send to potential event sponsors.

What does it cost?

Costs include an honorarium plus travel expenses.

  Honorarium for Professional Speeches, Keynotes, and Seminars (up to 1 hour): Information available upon request.

  Honorarium for Academic Lectures or Speeches to Non-Profits (up to 1 hour): Information available upon request.

  Honorarium for Debates (up to 2 hours): Information available upon request.

  Honorarium for Custom Articles: Information available upon request.

  Consulting Fee: $250 per hour

Audio/Visual Requirements

Overhead projector with Microsoft Powerpoint presenation software is necessary. A wireless lavalier microphone is needed for events with more than 50 attendees. All recordings must be authorized in the contract and approved for distribution.

Travel Arrangements

Airfare and hotels should be billed directly to your organization. Airfare may be the least expensive unrestricted round-trip coach airfare. Clients will be billed for ground transportation and moderate meals. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival. Auto mileage will be billed at $.45 per mile.

Clients have the option of being billed at a flat-rate, expense-included fee. Clients may obtain significant discounts for repeat business or by combining several speaking engagements in a single trip.

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