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Mark Lerner // Mark of the Beast Lawsuit // HR 2885 Legal Work Force Act //

Mark Lerner talks to Katherine about the recently filed lawsuit against the Mark of the Beast where an Oklahoma women has objected to biometric drivers license photographs as being the Mark of the Beast and thus against her religion.  Mark also delves into HR 2885 - the Legal Work Force Act - that will require all desiring to work to have their verified Social Security Number as an employment requirement.  Thanks for the call from David who raised some interesting issues. Welcome to our new affiliates - radio stations WNTK - FM 99.7, WUVR - AM 1490 and FM 98.9, KLBM - AM 1450 and KBRK - AM 1490.  Please remember our sponsors who help keep us on the air.  Use coupon code KMA or SLEEP for 25% off on everything at My Pillow.  Coupon code SPYCHIPS will get you the latest deal at Shentrition.  Use StartPage for a Google search with privacy or Ixquick for a meta search with privacy.

Constitutional Alliance

Your Body is Your ID (book order)

Rutherford Institute Challenges Biometric Photo Requirement for Oklahoma Drivers’ Licenses, Demands Religious Accommodation

Revelation Chapter 13 - Mark of the Beast (see verses 16-18)

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Thaddeus Russell // Lethal Humanitarianism //

What an incredible hour!  Thaddeus Russell joins Katherine to discuss what had happened to the anti-war movement and how it was derailed.  Obama has continued the Empire and his followers have come to support the wars.

Thaddeus Russell

A Renegade History of the United States (Simon & Schuster)

A Renegade History of the United States (Amazon)

Why Liberals Kill

Does Obama Embody the Best of MLK?

11 Freedoms That Drunks, Slackers, Prostitutes And Pirates Pioneered And The Founding Fathers Opposed (PHOTOS)

Why I Got Fired From Teaching American History

Americans rally against war in Iraq

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