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Back to School // Cancer Treatments // Supplements //

Fall is in the air.  Time to go back to school or to continue your life long learning.  Katherine updates us on her cancer treatments and relays the sobering news that one in three women will battle cancer during their life.  Supplements can help to mitigate some of the side effects from cancer treatment.  It is always best to stay healthy so no cancer treatment is needed.  Thanks for the telephone call from Leo.  Please remember our sponsors who help keep us on the air.  Coupon code KMA or SLEEP will help you get the sleep of your life at My Pillow.  Coupon code SPYCHIPS will give you the special at Shentrition - the supplement that will help to keep you in good health.

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Brian Wilson // The National Debt // Ron Paul // Lew Rockwell //

Katherine has a fascinating hour discussion with Brian Wilson, noted radio program director, long time talk show host, and contributor to Lew Rockwell about the national debt and the media's treatment of Ron Paul.

Brian Wilson

Debt Debate Definitions: Your Guide Through the Current Manufactured Madness

Rush Limbaugh Sets His Attack Dogs on Ron Paul

A Ron Paul Presidency

Monkey-Wrenching the Gears of Government

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Lew Rockwell

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