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Video Games //

Who decides what video games kids can play?  The government?  Their parents?  The Supreme Court is considering overturning the California law banning violent video games to under 18 year olds.  A hard question - free speech v. shielding children from ugliness and violence.  Thanks for the call from Guido and the emails from Bradley, Laura, Stephanie, Pat and Mariah.  Remember our sponsors.  Shentrition for your health (coupon code KMA).  My Pillow for a great night's sleep (coupon codes KMA and SLEEP).

Supreme Court Looks Set to Throw Out California Video Game Ban

The Shocking Media Habits of 8-18 Year Olds

Slashdot search on StartPage

Video Game Controversy (wiki)

Supreme Court Transcript - Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants (pdf - 72 pages)

Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D.


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Mark Lerner //

Katherine and Mark discuss the history of L-1 Identity Solutions, the board of director members and employees that are former high-level government employees.  They were responsible for face scanning at Super Bowl in January of 2001 - though police said it did not result in any arrests.  Please help support Mark - contact information below - if you wish to stop this.

The Revolving Door That Never Stops Turning

Constitutional Tyranny by Mark Lerner

Your Body is Your ID (Book & DVD combo)

Constitutional Alliance

Stop Real ID



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