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Evan Schuman // iPhone spying // Facebook // Paris Hilton //

Is your iPhone spying on you??  Evan Schuman of Store Front Back Talk joins Katherin to discuss disturbing information he has uncovered. Be careful of what you post online.  A Michigan juror and Paris Hilton have learned the hard way.

Store Front Back Talk

Apple taking privacy concerns to heart


Judge punishes Michigan juror for Facebook post

Paris Hilton's Purse

Paris Hilton Wears Chanel Purse In St. Tropez

Hour 2 ( Download the MP3 )

Mark Lerner // Dangers of National ID //

Katherine and Mark discuss the history of the attempt to impose a National ID and the dangers.  With information there is power that can be used to control.  You can have either a free society or a surveillance society.  Not both.  Some states are taking steps to impose such IDs.  We need to stop them.

Constitutional Tyranny by Mark Lerner

Your Body is Your ID (Book & DVD combo)

Constitutional Alliance

Stop Real ID

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