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"Chips Dipped: Council Sends Pet Rules Back to the Drawing Board"
by Anita Miller, March 5, 2022

"I'm against mandatory tagging and for voluntary," said resident Dottie Barnes.  "I don't want to put a foreign object in my living animal."

"Two City Council Members want Pet Chipping Chunked"
by Anita Miller, March 3, 2022

Council member Chris Jones and fellow Council member John Thomaides will request that microchipping be removed from the new ordinance before it goes into effect on April 1.From the start, controversy has swirled around requiring people to microchip every animal over the age of four months. “We’ve gotten so much feedback from the citizens, and also feedback from other organizations, health organizations,” Jones said. “It hasn’t just been one group complaining.”

"San Marcos Headed Toward Repealing Microchip Mandate"
By Andrea Lorenz, March 3, 2022

A chanting crowd outside San Marcos City Hall of what organizers estimate to be about 300 people learned this evening that the city council appears to be headed toward repealing a mandate that would require cats and dogs to be microchipped.... “I believe we are all in favor of options of microchipping, not mandates,” Mayor Susan Narvaiz said.

"Animal Microchipping Ordinance to Go under Further Review"
By Scott Thomas, March 3, 2022
Texas State University, San Marcos

Protestors outside City Hall cheered Tuesday when it was announced the date for mandatory-animal microchipping would be pushed back and public opinion sessions will be held to gauge San Marcos residents’ opinions.  “We would like to come back to this,” Mayor Susan Narvaiz said. “We are in favor of having options for our residents — not mandating.”  A crowd gathered outside City Hall protesting what they said was government intrusion. Katherine Albrecht, a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host, helped organize the event and served as a spokeswoman.

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