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Please Support Katherine's Efforts with a Financial Gift

Do you appreciate the insights you gain each day from the Dr. Katherine Albrecht show? If so, please consider helping us with a financial gift in any amount.

For nearly two years, my daily radio show has brought encouragement, education, and enlightenment to thousands of listeners around the globe. While I could be earning a major salary with my Harvard Doctorate, I have volunteered my time on the air as a labor of love. Since 1999, I have also volunteered thousands of hours of research and leadership on privacy and freedom issues that affect us all. I've neverĀ  taken a corporate handout or drawn a salary, but instead I've relied on the support of like-minded people like you.

We all rely on good people to get by in hard times. I tithe ten percent of my income (including gifts I receive) to worthy causes. Won't you consider doing the same? Your conscience will thank you for it!

Please make a gift today to support my ongoing privacy work and to help expand the reach of my radio program.
To make a gift, please send cash, check, or money order to:

Katherine Albrecht
131 Daniel Webster Hwy #235
Nashua, NH 03060

Thank You and God Bless You!

Note: I have chosen not to register as a charitable 501c3 non-profit corporation on philosophical grounds, since that designation would place restrictions on my political speech and activities. And if there's one thing a radio host needs, it's the ability to freely speak her mind!
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