Saturday 2/23
New Hampshire Liberty Forum
2/23, I am speaking and signing books and videos at 2:30 PM

Monday 2/25
San Antonio Community Forum on Chipping Students
Leon Valley Community Center
6421 Evers Road, San Antonio, Texas
Monday, February 25th
I'll be speaking on a panel from 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday 2/27
Brave New Bookstore in Austin, Texas
Brave New Books
1904 Guadalupe St. (Suite B), Austin, Texas
I'll be speaking and signing books and videos at 7:00 PM

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  • Tom Brannon
    2 years, 7 months ago - Reply - Link

    I heard your interview on Infowars today with Alex...great stuff. Then I listened to YOUR show (first time). Your talk on the frustration of helping those who are happy to give away their consumer data to marketers (and so are unconcerned with taking action to protect their data or privacy) was an epiphany. I am faced with a business challenge and am working very close to where you are. I will be in touch with Liz tomorrow on this, because I think you will be excited about what we're doing. As Yogi says, when you come to a fork in the road, take it. I hope to talk to you soon about this . . .

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