I returned to the air on Thursday and it's great to be back! If you would like a little fun, you might enjoy hearing my Hour 1 radio shows from Thursday and Friday that recount my exciting adventures. Here are the links:

Hour 1 Thursday - Defying a weather travel ban and taking a snowplow 50 miles to emergency neurosurgery!

Hour 1 Friday - Part II of my saga

My stitches are out and my husband took me for a gorgeous (still long) haircut. My hair is glossy and shiny and so thick still that it completely covers my scar. The hair is growing back over the incisions, and even if I put it up you would barely notice.

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  • Simone
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    I heard of your surgery through Derek Gilbert on View From the Bunker! Praise God you are well!!!
    You are a beautiful person. I am a new listener to your show and I can hear the love of Christ in your voice. May the Lord continue to bless us through your radio show.

  • Kirkland Byars
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to America. You are fearless. And I am praying for your full healing and total recovery.
    I am a true believer in what used to be "our" government's plan is to register, control, abuse our privacy, etc. it is all about control and their dream of a one world oligarchy. God bless you keep fighting.
    Kirkland Thomas (Tom) Byars, Vestavia Hills, AL

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