Don' t know how my brainstem figured out that I am having chemo today, but after feeling great for two weeks, I am right this moment feeling as sick as a green dog on a rollicking boat. Like room-spinning nausea. All I can do is groan.

And I haven't even left the house yet.

They call it "anticipatory nausea" and it's very common for chemo patients. It happens when the brain sends a nausea signal to the body because it knows nausea-inducing events are coming. Unfortunately, knowing it's all in my head doesn't make it any easier to cope with.

My very patient husband has given me a Compazine for the nausea and is about to pile me into the car for the slog down to Dana Farber. Normally my appointment would be much earlier, but we had to fight to get it moved to 2:45 PM from its awful original time, which was (sputter, cough, gasp) 7:00 AM!!

Who could have chemo poured into their veins at 7 AM? Who has that kind of fortitude? I would have had to leave the house at 5 in the morning. So we begged for and got this slightly less awful time, but starting a long chemo day at 2:45 means I won't be home until very late tonight.

I could handle it for sure, if I could just stop feeling so queasy!

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  • Osh
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    ...the only thing wrong with getting the appointments later in the day is sometimes you get to wait even longer than normal because the doctor has to finish his golf game first...and if its pretty, that may take a while.. my prayers are with you Katherine...

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  • ProtectedLand
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    You have chemo and then have the strength to do your radio show? I'm amazed. Nausea sucks for sure! Messiah Bless you and keep you...

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  • Gaile Hall
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    Wish I had some good advice ... I'd prefer having a broken bone over nausea. Meclizine HCI worked better than compazine for me. Sending you good vibes for a speedy recovery!

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  • Eric
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    i have no idea what compazine is but it sounds like an anti-nausea drug .. does it feel like vicoden ? ;) .. appointments : I'll take an afternoon one anytime over a morning .. people are in 'shock to the system' breaking into the day __until__ they have had lunch and settled down (and are more rational) -- so the medical people hopefully are on a more even kelter .... (and it makes the patient much less weary)..

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  • Katherine Albrecht
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    Compazine feels like exactly nothing at all. It's one of the few things in this journey I have not researched, actually, because if it's bad for me, I'd actually rather not know right now, considering how badly I need it. I have two anti-nausea drugs I take, compazine and Zofran.

    And back in the days of A/C chemo, the hard-core stuff that makes you barf your guts out if you don't have serious pharmaceutical help, they gave me a drug called Emend, which cost an unbelievable $800 for a blister pack of just three pills. I took three of those pills with each of my four A/C treatments, and it really worked. But can you believe the cost? Wow. They have to specially synthesize the molecule, and it's apparently not easy.

    But thank goodness for it is all I can say. I would have paid twice that and gone deeply into debt to avoid the sickness that goes with A/C.

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