I was getting ready for my chemotherapy treatment yesterday and wanted a little humor therapy.

So I clicked up my favorite humor site, Lovely Listing, and found this silly photo.

That's certainly odd, and it's sort of funny, but the real laughter came a few minutes later when I read this story from the reader comments below...

 Jill says: Ok, I’m going to tell my cheese story:

Newlyweds, my husband and I left on vacation. When we came back to our tiny apartment one night, he opened the fridge and a most horrible smell filled the whole apartment. Oh, a dead Munster!! He opened the window and chucked it.( I know, this is not nice but we were young and dumb.)

Next morning, we looked across the courtyard and saw the dead cheese glued to the sliding glass window of an apartment on the other side of the court.

I laughed until I cried. Then I told it to my husband in the car on the way down to the cancer center, and we both laughed all over again.

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