Here is the Verizon DROID DNA smartphone commercial I've been talking about on my radio show. They want the technology to be inside of you, and now they're saying it openly.

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  • Skip
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    Interesting video, and, once again, I wish there was a forum to discuss issues this!

    I see that Verizon is now implicitly openly acknowledging that electronic tech is about invading and colonializing people's very idea of themselves and who they are.

    It is having a far greater effect than TV ever had . (If you want to explore the effects of the TV angle, you might like to read Jerry Mander's [] book "Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television" [ Mother Earth News thought it important enough to have printed the whole book in their magazine:]. The arguments have held up after all these thrty-something years, and always had had the added weight of being composed by a successful TV advertising exec that was becoming uncomfortable with what he was doing.

    Going back to Verizon, et al, actually, the whole internet/web is becoming something that sounds like "The Beast" of Christian mythology. We are presently just going over the border to the time when almost nothing happens that is not mediated by, observed through, and regulated by, "The Beast"; and any person or group that does not participate in "The Beast" gets not only marginalized by diminished access to the commerce and communication of society, but falls under, by default, a vague cloud of suspicion: 'Who is this, that declines to expose himself to the eye of the web, and why...?'

    But more, to return to the original point, people's very notion of themselves is probably more at risk for being co-opted than it was with television (certainly bad), radio (somewhat bad, but not as bad as TV), Print (maybe not so bad!) or the mirror. As I understand it, before the presence of mirrors, people's sense of themselves was much more tied up with who they were with and what their outer circumstances were. But anyway, with the internet, we have a generation growing up whose library of experience of the world is, for the most part, constituted largely of web-mediated experience. Their idea of the self is web-mediated. It would be interesting to run an experiment with, say, 100 college students and take away all access to the web for 6 months to see what the effects were. But I'm rambling~~~~

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  • Ed
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    I was so glad you brought up the horrific Droid/DNA commercial. It is truly appalling to think that something so intrinsic to our God given uniqueness should be corrupted into something Verizon presumes. to improve on.with their technology.

    We must clearly define ourselves as God's creation, fully accountable to Him before we find ourselves seduced into serving lesser gods!

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  • eric
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    i can honestly say that i havent seen that commercial ! i guess i dont watch the tv stations that carries that commercial or i do dont watch much tv ...
    boy the young ones will be sucking that up .. the prospects of not having to do your homework or read, just listen or watch ... reducing all those extremely boring government hours of education so that there is less 'overhead' in doing the homework ... if i were in highschool i would be mowing lawns and shoveling snow off driveways to get one ... course that was before the internet so .. not sure that would be the case ...

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  • Survivor
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    Here's an interesting link about Wal-Mart and how they treated a woman with breast cancer badly:

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  • Lloyd
    2 years, 7 months ago - Reply - Link

    Am I missing something in this commercial? I checked out the Droid DNA phone on the internet and it just seems like it’s the latest mobile phone that will probably be obsolete in a couple of weeks. It doesn’t look like a person has to inject anything into themselves to use it. Maybe the commercial is just saying “you’re the cool scifi type if you buy this phone”, or maybe there is a hidden message…

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  • Andrew Thomson
    2 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    I think you may have missed something, yes. A quick crash course in the horrible world of how to intentionally program someone with a view to control them may help. The occult use pain trauma to program children. You hurt you instruct. The other common way is through heightened emotions and suggestive thought. You introduce a thought and add high and low emotional content to a person in conversation- the ear, or visual. The change in emotion causes an imprint on the mind. Musical sound is very useful too. Minor key is excellent for background sound in thriller movies/ horror for example to trigger emotions so you leave a movie with a heightened emotional experience, a talking point, advert for the movie, or worse a message imprinted on the mind with an evil intent. Also if something looks down right cool in an advert, and it is watched several times, it goes from observation to discussion to meditation, to the subconscious. Not necessary in that order. I don't watch programs much on tv because I like to choose what my mind stores in my free time. The above advert may be termed suggestive programming. I'm no expert on programming. Its just what I have noticed in today's world.

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