My interview on George Noory's new TV show, "Beyond Belief" is now available for viewing. But I can't watch it because I refuse to install "Moonlight."

Looking at these screens, would you? Sheesh.

What is that thing? A gargoyle? A demon? A nocturnal monkey creature? Whatever it is sitting creepily there in the dark, it does not inspire confidence.

Despite my better judgment, I kept clicking along... until I saw this complely insane warning message:

It's one thing to be tricked by unscrupulous programs into installing mal-ware and hidden loggers on your computer. Nobody can really blame you for being an unwitting victim if you have no clue it's happening.

But when people are clearly told that a particular program can "access all data on their computer" and "access the websites you visit" do they actually click YES???






Would you agree to this? Tell me you wouldn't!

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  • Teresa McElhinny
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    The logo of the creature in the moonlight seems fairly innocuous to me. I am in the midst (ha) of writing a novel called IN THE MIDST on and selected a book cover for my story that's way creepier than that. I don't believe in holding evil in high esteem, of course, but it's out there. And if we are to fight it we have to not run from it, but confront it. At least the way I see it. Enjoyed our conversation on your radio show today.

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  • eric
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    there has got to be an alternative media viewer ? (that doesn't suck in your cookies like the cookie monster !)

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  • Anonymous
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    The screens are creepy. I definitely would not install them as I would feel I was rolling out the welcome mat for evil. On top of it, they admit to privacy invasion.

    I watched the SkinWalker Ranch episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and that was creepy too. I don't like socializing with evil.

    I had not even heard about Beyond Belief, so thank you for informing us.

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  • al
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    thats what all these things are doing. there is big money in snooping on and tracking and compiling data on people as they surf the internet. just look into browser fingerprinting, OS fingerprinting, machine fingerprinting etc. they dont even need cookies or flash cookies to track you, they can just query WMI thru javascript thru your browser and get all serial #'s on your computer, like HDD serial #, CPU serial # and you cannot change these values. or they can just use cache tags to track you. there is SO MUCH MONEY in this that Ghostery says there are like 500-600 different companies involved in tracking you on the internet. plus i hear rumors now that there are software programs being designed that will be able to determine who you are by your unique writing or response styles, so if you post on 10-20 different forums under different pseudonyms and they can get 6000 words on you, they will be able to correlate this data and determine its the same person. at this point its best to assume that ANYTHING you say or post on the internet, just assume as though you were saying it on live national TV. and they installing some massive data collection center in Utah that will vacuum up all internet and cellular data........who gave the gov't permission to spy on us???????

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