This photo is from when I was initially mapped for radiation, just before Thanksgiving. (See the post from a few weeks ago.) The big donut-star-portal thingie I am about to go into is the CAT scan machine they used to determine how best to deliver the radiation to my chest and axilla.

Looking at this photo brings to mind a modern-day mummy - all bundled up in linen. And get a load of that short hair! *cough* Yes, it really is that short.

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  • Jon QuillAirEeBoos
    3 years, 9 months ago - Reply - Link

    We're cheering for you every hour of every day to completely beat that cancer bug.

    You actually look kind of cute in your mummy attire.


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  • Katherine Albrecht
    3 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    Thanks, Jon. That is a cute photo, isn't it? I'm snug as a bug in a rug. And the blanket was thoughtfully heated, too!

    Thanks for noticing the cuteness. It's cheering. ;)


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  • Angei P
    3 years, 7 months ago - Reply - Link

    I have recently started with radiation, I am in it Feb.2, 2-wks. My last chemo was Dec. 21st. Needless to say Christmas celebration was being ill.
    With this radiation I am nauseated after I eat any type of meal, I take nausea meds. which help. I do several different vitamins everyday, which I find keeps my counts to where they need to be. Eating healthy also is a strong point for me. I ahve lost 10-lbs. since the chemo and the radiation. The support that I receive from family and friends is the best most positive.
    I have gone to group meetings to hear there are several women that do not get support, there family blame them for having breast cancer. Do you know how hurtful that feels for these women. Wow. I was shocked - I gave them my number to call when they need to talk or what ever they need.
    There are great support groups out in the world, sometimes we just need that one on one to know that were thought of,and loved. I call myself a cheerleader here to help anyone. Angei

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