RFID Right to Know Act of 2003 (labeling)

Proposed federal legislation to mandate labeling of RFID-enabled products and enact consumer privacy protections

CASPIAN / Katherine Albrecht

AN ACT To require that commodities containing radio frequency identification tags bear labels stating that fact, to protect consumer privacy, and for other purposes. Requires that a consumer commodity or package that contains or bears a radio frequency identification tag shall bear a label that should state, at a minimum, that the consumer commodity or package contains or bears a radio frequency identification tag, and that the tag can transmit unique identification information to an independent reader both before and after purchase; and ...

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Headed to Austin, TX this week!

Hi, All:

I’m headed to Austin, TX this week — and I’d love to see you there!

Here’s a quick overview of my schedule:

Thursday 7/17
For a $300 donation to 90.1 FM, you can spend the evening with me, up close and personal, discussing liberty, health, and faith over a fabulous meal. It’s limited to 10 people, so reserve your seat now!

If you donate $500, you can join me for that private dinner on and be part of my live radio broadcast Thursday afternoon. You’ll get to greet my listeners, take photos ...

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