Sensors fitted in silicon teats

And now, the perfect device for the mother who wants to update her Facebook page pr play video games  and leave her phone in charge of watching baby.

In-built sensors fitted in the silicon teats... record and transmit temperature to your smartphone app via Bluetooth. Temperatures are plotted along graph on the app, along with indications of the time [the temperature was taken].
You could also keep track of your baby as these pacifiers are built with proximity sensors. It can be used to alert you whenever the baby wanders beyond a distance, which can be specified in the app ...

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Debunking the theory that the Mark of the Beast is Islam

I have just spent several hours reviewing Walid Shoebat's theory that Islam is the mark of the beast, and here are my conclusions.

It is a stretch to take a single character from the Greek, turn it on its side, reverse it, add a random straight line above it, and then claim that it somehow secretly represents the symbol for Allah.

What makes me even more skeptical is that the only character in 666 that could even be slightly connected to the name of Allah is the middle one. The other two characters of 666 -- Chi and Stigma -- are ...

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