My Journey of Faith Through Breast Cancer Video - A "Must Watch" to understand where I am now

This 30 minute video describes my journey through breast cancer. I pray you will take the time to watch it, since it sums up my walk of faith so far -- with many miles left to go. Making this video was one of the highlights of my life.

It's a testimony of how God helped me through breast cancer, but first I had to give up many things that I once held dear. God prunes and trims those who bear fruit for Him - and what a blessing it is to be pruned by the Lord's own hand.

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So yes, it's breast cancer, but there's a twist

This is a complex post, so please read to the end to make sure you get the whole story. It's actually an encouraging one, so bear with me as I explain. I am in for a journey, but it's not a bleak one.

First the practical updates. New England is being pelted with snow. There's a state of emergency and the accumulation is four feet deep in my yard. Understandably, I was not able to make it into Boston Monday for my in-person follow up and stitches removal. We're housebound, and I'm soaking up the ...

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Soy is causing society's new gender troubles

Have you noticed all the recent news stories about gender confusion? An alarming  number of people claim to feel either incorrectly gendered, or altogether genderless. From "Chaz" Bono, to Warren Beatty's daughter-turned-son, to the Japanese guy who did not feel affiliated with either gender so he amputated his, um, unwanted parts (and then fed them to paying guests), this bizarre trend seems to be accelerating.

Could changing hormone profiles be the culprit?

The phytoestrogens found in soy foods are a controversial area of research. In a number of studies, they have been shown to adversely affect reproductive health, sexual ...

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Katherine's Adventures: Two Radio Shows :)

I returned to the air on Thursday and it's great to be back! If you would like a little fun, you might enjoy hearing my Hour 1 radio shows from Thursday and Friday that recount my exciting adventures. Here are the links:

Hour 1 Thursday - Defying a weather travel ban and taking a snowplow 50 miles to emergency neurosurgery!

Hour 1 Friday - Part II of my saga

My stitches are out and my husband took me for a gorgeous (still long) haircut. My ...

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Immobilizing the Brain

Wow, this image is from the Wikipedia entry on "Neurosurgery." Doesn't that look like a medieval torture device? *laugh* Thank God for them, though! And if you scroll down the entry to the section titled "See Also" which names all the pioneers in this highly specialized, advanced high-tech procedure, please say a prayer for each one of them, all of whom had a role in saving my life.

I can tell they used all these clamps on my head because I can feel the places where the bolts were up against my scalp to immobilize me duriing surgery. I ...

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