Hi, All.

Katherine thanks you for your prayers! She had two brain tumors removed and is praising God that there are no consequences from the surgery. She is walking, talking, and in good spirits.

If you would like to send her well wishes, here is her mailing address:

Dr. Katherine Albrecht
131 D.W. Hwy #235
Nashua, NH 03060

-Katherine and Team

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  • Kathleen Iselin
    7 months, 4 weeks ago - Reply - Link

    David Wolfe's book "Chaga" is an easy but very informational read......the book suggests that chaga might be helpful in preventing / healing cancer / tumors.....There is a guy who is very knowledgeable about chaga / medicinal mushrooms somewhere right near Nashua.....I may have met him at Porcfest.....Wild chaga chunks brewed into tea are awesome. Of course one must be certain that what they have IS chaga!

    I will continue praying for you....and again mention Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield, D.O., Manchester, NH, and another person I didn't mention before...Linda Jordan, R.N., from Bow, NH.....works with and EDS 2000 computer unit....and has been helping many people that doctors had given up on.

    Lots of Love,

    ~ Kathleen Iselin, LMT (NH)
    Remember to BREATHE..... and....in all things Give Thanks! !

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  • Judy-Kay Musselman
    7 months, 4 weeks ago - Reply - Link

    I am grateful for having discovered you just tonight through Lorrie's Talk News Radio. Of all her featured speakers you stood out and your information about RFD was greatly appreciated. You have much left to do and say! Thank you for what you have already done, for the ground that you have broken for others, and the wake-up call you have sounded.

    My prayer is that you will be completely healed and restored in every cell, tissue, and facet of your being. May you feel the loving arms of Father God as you go through the process of recovery!

    Judy-Kay Musselman

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  • stella derderian
    7 months, 4 weeks ago - Reply - Link

    Dr. Katherine Albrecht,

    We love you and need you during these " Last Days." You have fulfilled your promise to your grandmother in teaching about the "Mark."

    You are special and in our prayers.

    In Christian love,

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