I writing this from the chemo center where I am waiting to receive TDM1 dose #6. After this, I have just seven more to go, which will be administered every three weeks for the next 23 weeks or so. (Meaning I have about 5-6 more months of this to go.)

This morning I also received radiation treatment #16 out of 25 (or 33) at a different medical center. (Lots of driving today!) So far, I have only a bit of pinkness and a few tiny, itchy sores on my skin to show for all the rads -- fortunately no blisters or serious redness. I discovered today that they are irradiating both the front and the back of my left shoulder too, and that they zap my back from the bottom of the table (!) That's to sterilize my superclavicular lymph nodes (the ones under the collar bone that they can't operate on) to ensure they are not harboring cancerous cells.

Based on past experience, I can expect to be a bit sick tonight and tomorrow from the TDM1, and will be experiencing increasing fatigue from the daily radiation.

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