Wow, this image is from the Wikipedia entry on "Neurosurgery." Doesn't that look like a medieval torture device? *laugh* Thank God for them, though! And if you scroll down the entry to the section titled "See Also" which names all the pioneers in this highly specialized, advanced high-tech procedure, please say a prayer for each one of them, all of whom had a role in saving my life.

I can tell they used all these clamps on my head because I can feel the places where the bolts were up against my scalp to immobilize me duriing surgery. I was face down, lying on my stomach for 11 hours, so I understandably have a sore neck still, but the good news is that 650mg of Tylenol is all the pain medication I am taking. I am off all the heavy meds, and am walking and talking better than before the surgery, for real!

In fact, though I have not wanted to mention it on the show, I have been increasingly having weakness and disability in my legs that is so bad that I had to hold onto both railings to slowly get down stairs like an elderly woman, and if I bent, I would have had so little strength in my legs I would have fallen to the floor. So much for working out! All of that appears to be healed, praise God, and was the result of pressure on the nerve centers of my brain that is now relieved. We serve a merciful God who has healed me - in the nick of time. Now I have to slowly get my strength back, and I plan to come back stronger than ever with His help. We have a lot to do still, my friends, there is so much love and goodness we need to spread and truth that needs to be stated. I have no plans of going anywhere any time soon. :)

I can't wash my hair for another week (which feels like an eternity) but plan to go to the salon tomorrow after today's snowy blizzard and let them put in some "dry shampoo" so I feel human again.

I live in Patriot country, so last night's suspenseful Superbowl win against the Seahawks was a huge coup for our region. I have to admit it was the very first football game I have ever seriously tried to watch, which I tried to take part in since everyone was in the living room cheering, booing, and munching on potato chips and onion dip. It was a good party, and a good reprieve from the nonsense of this week. I made it to halftime, but when Katy Perry came riding out on that awful mechanical tiger thing, I headed upstairs to bed to finish reading "Sweet Relief," the Marla Ruzicka story. Marla was an activist fighting for restitution for civilians who had been injured in US armerd conflict before she was killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad in 2005, and I interviewed her biographer Jennifer Abrahamson on my show. (Though I can't find the link.)

I want you all to know that I am reading the comments on this blog, which do get to me, though somehow they are not being posted for public view. I have an email into Josh, my web expert, to figure out how to let you see the beautiful prayers and kind wishes that are being sent, but please know that every comment and email I receive is a blessing and an encouragement to know that I am not alone. I know that when you comment and can't see it, it may feel like your comment was whisked away into the ether, but that ether is my spirit and I feel ever bit of your love and concern. I love you all, my friends, family, listeners, and strangers who care about me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are all blessed, and protected in the love of our Saviour Jesus, who will never leave nor forsake us.

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  • Carol Gluff
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Katherine I am so glad you are alright. I thank God you are doing better. You are in my prayers and hope to hear you soon on the radio again. God Bless you and your work. My grandkids took the pledge and I will be going over soon and put the plague on their wall.

  • Jim McGraw
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Good to see your post.

    We miss you on the Radio show but want you to take care of yourself first. Your guest host have been doing well.

    Stay brave and strong and rest yourself as well.

    With my continuing prayers


  • Kristin Stockton
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    May God continue to heal you and help you more every day. I thank God for you and am praying for you and your family. ps- You're a continuing inspiration and blessing to us! pps- "I Won't Take The Mark" is wonderful!! Love You Katherine

  • Myla
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    I can't stop crying. This is overwhelming. I feel like you are a close friend even though I don't know you. All you endured breaks my little heart. God has made you so strong. Sharing your journey has completely humbled me and blessed me and ways I can't explain. I am praying for you that each day gets better. And God gives you all you need to come back stronger than ever. Such an awesome role model!

  • Alex
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    I am surprised that no one has said it. But these health problems are demonic attacks. Satan hates what you do. Resist the devil and he will flee! (James 4:7). Prayers for Katherine should be assaults against Satan. Katherine, we can and do join you in resisting the devil, but you must resist the devil, too. We all love you and want you to walk in the true victory of Jesus Christ.

  • ALEX
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    As an addendum to the last comment, I want you to know I have really enjoyed your guest hosts while you rehabilitate.

  • eric
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Best wishes .

  • Dennis Dowling
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Hello Katherine: I've been a fan of your for several years. I'm not sure but I do think I found a connection with you through Dr. Michael Savage and Coast to Coast AM web-sites.
    I will hold you up in Prayer for a speedy recovery, return to your most important "Mission/Ministry" and bountiful financial recovery.
    Your work is most important. Just tonight on TV a piece on chip emplacements on hands for use in access in or out of secure areas(aka proximity readers coming out of Sweden. The BS behind the story was that it was not of any danger of being used for evil purposes. In the movies "Hunger Games Series" it shows chipping as a standard procedure for travel.
    Your mission to warn us against the "Mark of the Beast" is vital for our eternal salvation.
    Blessings and Speedy recovery ,

  • Dennis Dowling
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    I am holding you up in prayer for a speedy recovery, bountiful blessing in financial help, and increased vigor in your mission to all in warning about the "Mark of the Beast.
    Blessings to you,
    Dennis in Orlando

  • stella derderian
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Hi Katherine,

    Your grandmother would be so proud of you for fulfilling your promise to her. She's looking down and saying - this is my granddaughter, who is a person of integrity, a role model, and a giant slayer.
    We need you in these "Last Days." Stella

  • Nikola
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Katherine, I am so glad that you are doing well. I will pray that there are no more metastases and you don't have to face cancer ever again. Your faith and strength of spirit are a true inspiration to your listeners.
    "I have no plans of going anywhere any time soon. :)" - Amen to that.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  • Lisa French
    1 year, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Prayers & Warm Get Well Wishes From Cranston RI

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