If you would like to donate a "I Won't Take the Mark" book to a library (could be your local library, school library, or university library), why not just purchase one and submit it as a "gift".

Have you ever wondered how books end up in libraries?

There are several ways, for the greater part, there is a purchasing team that makes recommendations via a number of different sources. But did you know that you could donate one?

Here's how.

Visit your library's web site if one exists.

Follow the instructions on "how to donate a gift to the library".

Write a short letter akin to the following:

"Hello Library

My name is Mr John Smith. I would like to donate a children's book to the library that is based on the last book of the bible, the Book of Revelation. The book is beautifully illustrated, and contains a short 5 min story summarising the events of the last book of the bible. On the left panels are the scriptural texts from the King James Version (unchanged). The book has a positive message that good always triumphs over evil. I hope you can accept this donation from a local ratepayer [OR parent of a school child OR student of the university etc]. If you require any further details I can be reached on the following telephone number: [999999999] OR [email]. I look forward to hearing of confirmation of the book's acceptance into the library. If for any reason, you cannot accept this gift given demands on space in the library, please let me know and I will be glad to have the book returned.

Yours sincerely

[Mr John Smith]

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