After my intense two-year battle with Stage IIIC breast cancer, I'm a big believer in chemotherapy, radiation, and other "conventional" treatments. They have improved my odds of living out my natural lifespan from 1-2% to still living and breathing today, which you'll have to admit is a big improvement. But as you know, conventional therapy can be very hard on the body.

One solution is to find natural, food-based solutions that have been scientifically shown to help mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment. One of the lifesaver supplements I took during my cancer treatment--and will take daily for the rest of my life--is coriolus mushroom.

Coriolus helps the body deal naturally with a major treatment side effect of chemotherapy called neutropenia -- a drop in white blood cell count that occurs a few days after a chemotherapy infusion. Chemo works by destroying fast-dividing cells, and because that impacts white blood cells (the body's immune cells) that leaves you vulnerable to infection and illness.

Before each chemo treatment, my oncologist would check my white blood cell count. If it was too low, they would delay or even discontinue chemotherapy. So by keeping my white blood cell count up, I could increase the chances of completing my chemotherapy regimen, which increased my odds of killing the cancer -- and surviving. Initially, I experienced this awful cycle. After each infusion of chemo, my white blood cell count would drop way low, and I would become a magnet for infection. I once got so sick from a bronchial infection that I couldn't breathe and one night almost checked myself into the emergency room at 2:00 AM.

"Conventional medicine" deals with this drop in white blood cells by administering a $3000 drug called Neulasta (or Neupogen), which forces your bone marrow to produce white blood cells. Shortly after each chemo, I had to go back to the hospital to get this hugely expensive -- and painful -- shot. Because Neulasta works by forcing the bone marrow to produce white blood cells, it hurts deep in your bones, so you may need additional pain medication. This cycle of needing drugs (pain meds) to handle the drugs (Neulasta) to handle the drugs (chemo) that you need to handle the cancer is a bit crazy.

Then my wonderful husband did some research and discovered that coriolus mushroom could help me escape that vicious cycle. In Japan, they've found that an inexpensive, natural coriolus extract boosts the white blood cell count tremendously, so over there they skip the $3,000 Neulasta shot and all the side effects. They've purified it into a drug called PSK which they deliver in IV bags right at the chemo center.

Cancer centers here in America won't give you an IV infusion of PSK, but you can take the mushroom in pills yourself. If my own experience is any indication, it works like a charm. My husband tracked down the only US seller of properly extracted, PSK-grade coriolus: Mushroom Science's Coriolus Super Strength PSK Formula.

We ordered six bottles (and got one free), and I took four capsules daily throughout my cancer treatment. My oncolgist was fine with my taking it, since it's essentially just food.

The amazing part is that these simple mushroom pills quickly boosted my white blood cell count back to the normal range to where I no longer needed Neulasta. My white counts were so normal that my oncologist was quite surprised. More importantly, I stopped catching every infection under the sun after every chemo treatment, and that meant I could continue letting the chemo do its life-saving work.

But it gets even better. It turns out that coriolus not only protects your immune system through chemo, but researchers have been testing whether it might fight cancer in its own right. There's at least one FDA-approved trial going on right now in the USA for breast cancer. The results are pretty compelling. Check out the peer-reviewed medical studies at PubMed:

It's been almost a year since my last chemo treatment, and I continue to take coriolus daily. (We buy it by the case.) As long as I can continue to afford it, and Mushroom Science keeps selling it, I will take it daily for the rest of my life.

One more thing - we did a lot of research before selecting Mushroom Science as our supplier. They are the only producer of coriolus that uses the HOT WATER EXTRACT method, which is the only preparation method for coriolus clinically tested and shown to work. The cheap coriolus sold by other suppliers is a ground up powder of the mushroom mycelium (the stringy fibers underneath the mushroom), which is super cheap, but does not have the same polysaccharide composition. Since the polysaccharides in the coriolus are what make it work, I'm sticking to the hot water version.

I reached out to the Mushroom Science guys for a discount, since I buy so much from them and I am such a believer in what they do. They offered me a coupon code I can pass on. It's the word "Katherine" and it's already embedded in the link above. If you use it, they will send you a free book on the medicinal benefits of mushrooms.

I have more to say on the amazing benefits of mushrooms, and would love to devote a chapter in a book I might write on surviving cancer. Given that there are a million cancer books on the market, I keep debating whether mine would be just one more drop in the ocean. (Since writing a book is a massive undertaking, I'd love to get your thoughts.)

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  • kathy stubbs
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    If you write that book re the mushrooms and cancer, I am going to buy it. My 57 year old son is in stage 4 of lung cancer a reoccurance from mouth cancer 3 years ago. He is refusing chemo because he was so sick with the treatment the first time, so we are searching for any natural supplements that might help a little. I heard you on the Coast to Coast show and I did not hear all of the supplements, but will try to get him to use the ones I heard. Thank you for sharing your experience and I am praying that you will continue to have the best of health and many long years.

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  • Paula Webster
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    Yes, Katherine, if you write the book, I will buy it. I wish you the best

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  • Katherine Albrecht
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    Awesome! Thanks.

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  • Steve
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    I hope you do write the book. There is so much information out there it's very hard to discern the truth of things.

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  • Ann
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    I am very interested in your mushroom book as I just went through my second battle with breast cancer in 10 years and I found God answering the prayers of believers in Christ (all over the world) and good nutrition and supplements to be what helped me. Though my first oncologist said that tests show that nutrition didn't have anything to do with cancer (and she was at Johns Hopkins--???), ten years later, my second oncologist said he eats organic and wishes everyone could, but if they can't, to take supplements, because we're not getting enough to help us battle disease in the normal American diet.

    Also, my husband recently read about GMOs online and so we started buying organic. We also heard and read Joel Furhman's Immunity Solution to include the GOMBBS in your diet (greens, onions, mushrooms, berries, beans, seeds), which we are trying to do , too. (Though we eat more meat than he may recommend; we eat organic meat as much as possible.)

    I remember taking the Neulasta shot and the terrible bone pain I would get if I didn't also take an allergy pill days before the shot. And, I am very concerned that any next cancer I might get is not going to have the kind of research and success that breast cancer has had and I want to avoid cancer and the painful side effects of any treatment, if God is willing. This mushroom you mention sounds like more good news - evidence from our Maker and Savior, that He cares for us.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Jerry
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    First time listener to your radio show. Very informative.

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  • RoseMarie
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    Hello Katherine, I am Stage 4 breast cancer in remission and as of today I am feeling very healthy. I am considering whether or not to start taking the Coriolus Mushroom, 600mg. What do you think? And if I decide to start taking them, what would you recommend my dosage to be? My labs have always come back normal and I no longer have any issues with a low WBC count. Pease let me know what you would do if you were in my position. Thank you. PS, love the show and the work you did filling in for Alex last week. -Ro

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  • Fjandr
    2 years, 8 months ago - Reply - Link

    My father pointed me to your site regarding this particular supplemental treatment in lieu of using CSFs like Neulasta. I'm currently undergoing treatment for stage IV colorectal cancer, and require these shots once every two weeks.

    Fortunately I don't experience bone pain. Unfortunately, I experience debilitating muscle pain, and it's not pain that opiates control unless I take enough to knock me out. That's not an acceptable trade-off to me, so I live with the pain.

    I've had lots of "advice" regarding alternative treatments, and the vast majority of it turns out to be little more than snake oil. It's refreshing to see an intelligently written article which references something with some real science behind it. I will be discussing it with my doctor when I go to chemotherapy tomorrow, and barring any well-founded reasons for me to avoid it I will be trying it out as soon as possible. Even if it does not prolong my life, if it allows me to stop taking Neulasta it will give me a large part of what I have left back.

    Thank you for publicizing this. I will be doing the same.

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  • Jo
    2 years, 7 months ago - Reply - Link

    Katherine, when did you start taking the coriolus during your treatment. Was it during the A/C chemo or the taxotere?

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  • Michelle
    2 years ago - Reply - Link

    Are there any other natural supplements besides the Corliss mushroom to boost the immune system or reduce inflammation?

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