I watched the first half of the made-for-TV movie "Living Proof" with my mom and sister tonight. It's the story of the development of Herceptin, the breast cancer treatment drug that targets the HER2 receptor on the cancer cells of 15%-30% of women with breast cancer. Prior to the advent of Herceptin, HER2+ breast cancer (pronounced "her two positive") was an especially dangerous form of the disease, since it is very fast-growing and aggressive.

We ordered the movie on DVD. Here is Lifetime's description:

“Living Proof” is the true story of oncologist and researcher Dr. Dennis Slamon, the UCLA doctor who helped develop the breast cancer drug Herceptin, and his effort to keep the drug trials afloat. His inspiring journey shows the sacrifices he makes in his personal life and the obstacles that he faces to get the drug approved. Thousands of lives have been saved because of his dedication. (Based on Robert Bazell’s book “Her-2.”).


Be sure to check out Lifetime's great Viewer's Guide to the movie, with information about clinical trials, HER2 cancer, and the stories of women who were part of the original clinical trials of Herceptin. (Note: This is a 12-page PDF)


I cried at several points in the movie.  I am part of a Phase II clinical trial of a drug called TDM1 that is based on Herceptin.

Heavy stuff.

Current rating: 4.5

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