My day at the cancer center yesterday went extremely well. We got there on time, and fortunately the staff was all on time, too, so I was out of there by 6:30 PM. I always forget that the TDM-1 infusions take only 30 minutes, once all the rigamarole is over. That's a very early departure, considering yesterday was the latest start time I've ever had.

In contrast, A/C and Taxotere, the "hard" chemos I got last year, took four hours to infuse, followed by a one-hour observation period to make sure I had survived. Plus we need an hour in advance to set up the cold caps to freeze my scalp so I could keep my hair. (See earlier entries for details.) Those days were so long my husband and I would often not get home until 10:00 at night, although our days started before 9 AM.

But back to yesterday. As I blogged before my appointment, I was too queasy to eat anything after breakfast, so by the time 4:00 and 5:00 rolled around I was ravenously hungry. But I've learned never to eat in the chemo chair, no matter how hungry I am.

Before this whole ordeal began, I remember reading that you should be careful what food or drinks you consume during chemo. You will never want to see them again afterwards, since you will forever associate them with being sick. One woman said she can no longer stand the sight of M&M's for that reason.

Thinking I could certainly handle it, I ignored the warnings and took a big Thermos filled with hot, unsweetened green tea to my first two or infusions. (This was back in the hard days of A/C adriamycin/cytoxan treatments.) After all, I figured, what could go wrong with green tea? I mean it's not like it's really a food, or has a lot of flavor to begin with, right?


Green tea.

To this day, If I so much as get a whiff of green tea I feel like throwing up. So it's adios to one of my former favorite beverages -- probably for the rest of my life.

So being mindful to The Lesson of the Green Tea, I sat patiently starving through my treatment yesterday. Then I patiently starved down the elevator  and into the basement while the valet brought our car, and then patiently starved out of the building and out onto the streets of Boston.

Then I nearly jumped out of my seat. "I'm so hungry!"

My husband was starving too. So we drove down the beautiful, but jam-packed streets of springtime Boston, through Back Bay and down Boylston Street, where the cherry blossoms and northern magnolia were blooming. The girls were out in sleeveless dresses and wearing sandals for the first time all year. The streets were jammed with traffic, which made for a spectacle, but also meant there was no parking, even in the $15 pay lots.

We eventually gave up, and as my hunger reached a crescendo, we headed across the Charles River into Cambridge, where at least I know my way around. We drove past MIT (and I felt my usual anti-MIT shudder), swung into my favorite Asian market for pickled plums (I've bought them there for more than 15 years), and finally landed in Central Square at The Middle East for dinner.

Alas, our meal was no Back Bay extravaganza. Not only were there no spectacular gourmet tidbits, but my "seared yellow fin tuna salad" was so awful I wound up having to send it back and try again. But despite the disappointing meal, I was thrilled to be alive, to be overcoming cancer, to be with the man I love, and to know that springtime does return, no matter how long the winter.

Blessings to all.

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  • Osh
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    well dear, there you go, hogging down a tuna salad...hope you took your Geiger counter to check for radiation first (Fukujima nukes), or your chemical test kit to check for Corexit (BP made a mess out of the gulf) ...anyways, that's what I used to look forward to the most after a chemo session---eating. My favorite was a big ol' hamburger and fries, from my favorite greasy spoon....and a Dr. those days it was made with sugar, not HFCS and tasted good like Dr. Pepper I don't know if I'd do the hamburger at a cafe, after all, the Pink Slime is everywhere I guess...and the oil spill in the gulf killed off all my taste buds for gulf shrimp, and fried catfish (mys second favorites) cuz God knows where it comes from...even our local sea food marketer (SAMs) won't sell shrimp unless it comes from an overseas source--India (right smack in the mouth of the Ganges, in the Bay of Bengal, probably the most polluted spot on the globe) or Viet Nam (to this day I refuse to eat rice uless I know it came from a USA source..had my face down in more'n one rice paddy there one time too many not t notice the" fertilizer")-- Since my last bout with cancer, I've decided to pull the pin, er, plug, on the so called health foods Katherine. I've dropped the GM food Canola oi l with the scorpion genes and made from rapeseed which my herb book says is "unfit for human consumption") in favor of lard and bacon grease like my mom used to do...except for salad oil, which I took the hint from you and am now quite lovingly into safflower oil)...also, I simply rub down the pots and pans with the lard instead of spraying canola oil PAM all over the kitchen and inhaling it into the remaining lung I like a champ. Funny, but my BPressure is down, bad cholesterol is down, weight is down, and attitude is way up....I feel better, eat better, doing what I was doing growing up before I got involved with all these "touted-as-healthy" foods, packaged foods, etc. and just using fresh foods. Lard, salt and all. Why am I doing all this rambling? I want to impress upon you that the old adage is right. We are what we eat. I hope you either have or will cultivate a relationship with some local farmer, to get your veggies and meat. Eat at home, prepared by you or your Super Man (no sarcasm there, he has to be super to take care of you properly during this like my Wonder Woman did for me). You won't get any improperly tasting meals like that. Do it ahead of time if you can so that when the doldrums hit, you won't be facing the decision of either starvation or having to go to some restaurant eating something made by somebody/thing you don't know....and when are you going to post the pics you promised so long ago of you in that purple dress ...

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  • ron
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    Well, I wish my wife would say "Ugh" to green and black tea. The stuff makes me quesy and I'm not doing chemo! She makes it strong, and I try to stay upwind at the table. Oh well. I remember my mother and her constant coffee-mug hand companion. She made the same mistake as you with your tea. Now, ten years later, she has started to drink coffee again. I saw her quaff two cups at Wendy's - so you may take your green tea again someday.

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  • Albert
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    Katherine, I love you! and your wonderful husband.......just so you know you've touched, and inspire me.

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  • Angie
    3 years, 6 months ago - Reply - Link

    Glad to hear you are doing well! I just saw an article about the coming cashless society and thought of you and your tireless fight for freedom. We each have our function and purpose within the body of Christ. You are an encouragement to many in what you do. May God continue to be with you as you endure the ongoing treatments. PS - I love using Startpage!!

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  • Charles Moncrief
    3 years, 5 months ago - Reply - Link

    Distressing. I heard you in guest appearances on a number of radio talk shows, then intended to get materials you had authored. Someone gave me the book "Spychips" and now I want more. Chasing your various links, I find this and am saddened to hear of your fight with breast cancer. My wife is a 12-year survivor, so all I can say is "Keep up this fight" and that in my opinion it edges out your battles against smart meters and RFID. Plenty of time for those when you get your strength back. Prayers ascending. Charles+

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  • Laura (So Ca)
    3 years, 5 months ago - Reply - Link

    I always check in to see how you are doing. You and your wonderful husband are in my thoughts. I've always thought you were a terrific lady.

    Are you aware of a new Documentary "Pink Ribbon, Inc." (Feb 2012) about the pinkwashing and corporate cottage industry cash grabs, including the big non-profits?

    Are you avoiding the parabens (5 iirc) in your make-up selection?
    Eye make-up big time.

    The more I read, the more I see red. Btw, Komen's new fragrance is full of carcinogens according the the great "Breast Cancer Action" group/non-profit (an honest , product police oriented).

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  • Ann butler
    3 years, 5 months ago - Reply - Link

    No news is not usually good news...please prove me wrong and give us a good news update.

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  • Adrian Peirson
    3 years, 4 months ago - Reply - Link

    Catharine, just heard you on infowars, hope everything goes well for you, and thanks for your great work.
    I wondered if you were aware of the Dimomit model of cancer, some great work being done by Dr Cedric Garland and many others at the university of Berkley on Vitamin D3, I've a page of lectures on my website with links at:-

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  • Albert
    3 years, 4 months ago - Reply - Link

    I already posted my comment to Katherine .
    Regarding your comment, After my extensive research, and my wife's treatment i can tell you the following

    First get rid off all SUGARS, SUGAR FEEDS CANCER. (even sugar in LOW FAT PRODUCTS)

    Do NOT eat red meat, chicken it's OK if it's organic with NO antibiotics or hormones
    Your body should stay as ALKALINE as possible. Cancer cells reproduce faster in an Acidic enviroment. (YOU can change your body PH just with the foods you eat)

    Rich in Oxigen environment kills cancer cells.

    Base your diet (at least while you are fighting cancer) on Fruits and Raw Vegetables, (Organic of course) otherwise you will be eating, pesticides and chemicals.

    Do not use your microwave to COOK the vegetables.

    I already mention Dr. Hamer and Dr. Gerson, I forgot to mention Dr. Johana Budwig (8 times nominated for Nobel prize, and of course because her discoveries were against Big Pharma, she never won it.

    Thank you and God Bless you.

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  • chipmuck
    3 years, 4 months ago - Reply - Link

    try some organicaly grown is suppoosed to do wonders..

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