No Computer for an Hour this Morning

On Wednesday's radio show, I discussed some recent research showing that people perform 20% worse on a math task when their phones are in sight than when they're out of sight. (You can read the paper here.)

I was patting myself on the back, since *I* don't have that particular problem, when I realized (live, on air) that I am every bit as much of an addict as the nomophobes ("NO-MObile-PHOne" freak outs) I smugly criticize. My addiction is not the phone, however, it's email, and in the last week I've developed a new compulsion ...

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Katherine on 700 Club

Our technologies are enslaving us, and It's time to wake up.

A while back I agreed to speak to CBN on a story about RFID in amusement parks. Little did I know they would do a feature story on this message that would be seen by tens of millions of people worldwide. Amazing!

God is wonderfully good.

RFID Opening Doors for Mark of the Beast?

You can read the written version of the article here:
RFID Opening Doors for Mark of the Beast?

Here is the section where the quoted me:

[C]onsumer privacy expert Dr. Katherine Albrecht is ...

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Russia Today (24 June 2022)

RT, Dr Katherine Albrecht

Post PRISM: Encrypted communications boom after NSA leaks

As governments use all powers at their disposal to pry into the lives of ordinary citizens worldwide, people are trying to protect themselves - seeking out services that shield their personal information. This has led to a veritable boom of digital encryption. RT's Marina Portnaya has the details.

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