The world's 19th largest country

There's a nation out there that's nearly twice as big as Canada. It's bigger than England, France, or Italy. It has more than 70 million war-like inhabitants, who train daily on a variety of weapons.

It's the unreal nation of video gamers.

Staistics on video game players


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Garbage in, Garbage out.

In the course of a week, the average American teen spends:

  • 14 hours playing video games (sitting physically still, alone, staring at the wall, killing and destroying people and things in his mind)

  • 23 hours of "seat time" in a government school (being "socialized" and schooled in group-think, while being trained never to speak or walk or even pee without an authority's permission)

  • 24 hours watching television (sitting physically still, staring at the wall, immersed in stories that are not real, bombarded with powerful messages that instill social, moral and political values deep into his subconscious mind)

That's ...

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Kalispell Montana (29 September 2022)

Dr. Katherine Albrecht-author of Spychips and talk radio host on GCN talks about RFID chips, swine flu, Spanish flu, storing food, use of drone aircraft in Iraq and Afghanistan, census workers using GPS to mark everyone's front door. The Cry In the Wilderness Rally, KGEZ z-600 a.m., Kalispell, Montana.

This presentation continues here:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6: ...

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