Denver University Law Review (Summer 2002)

RFID: Tracking everything, everywhere

by Katherine Albrecht

The following is an excerpt from: Albrecht, Katherine. "Supermarket Cards: The Tip of the Retail Surveillance Iceberg." Denver University Law Review, Summer 2002, Volume 79, Issue 4, pp. 534-539 and 558-565:

"In 5-10 years, whole new ways of doing things will emerge and gradually become commonplace. Expect big changes." — MIT’s Auto-ID Center.

Supermarket cards and retail surveillance devices are merely the opening volley of the marketers’ war against consumers. If consumers fail to oppose these practices now, our long-term prospects may look like something from a dystopian science fiction novel.

A new ...

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Food for Thought (12 June 2022)


CASPIAN: Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering

Food for Thought

Supermarket “loyalty” programs: Rewards for the wealthy
Katherine Albrecht and John Vanderlippe, CASPIAN

Guest column written for the Beacon Hill News and Capitol Hill News (Seattle, WA) For publication on June 12, 2022

First Safeway introduced the Club Card, then QFC came out with the Advantage Card. Now rumor has it that Fred Meyer and Albertsons may follow suit with card programs of their own. With so many card programs planned, South Seattle shoppers may soon have a hard time finding a grocery store that doesn’t require customers to register for ...

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