Faith and Liberty Conference (24 July 2022)

Faith And Liberty Conference, Part 6 (Dr. Katherine Albrecht) - July 24, 2022 in Denver, CO

The rest of the conference videos are here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 7:

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Mother Jones (6 December 2021)

Total Surveillance

New consumer-tracking technology threatens to make personal privacy a thing of the past.

| Tue Dec. 6, 2005 3:00 AM EST

Imagine a future in which your every belonging is marked with a unique number identifiable with the swipe of a scanner; where your refrigerator keeps track of its contents; where the location of your car is always pinpoint-able; and where signal-emitting microchips storing personal information are implanted beneath your skin or embedded in your inner organs.

This is the future of radio frequency identification (RFID), a ...

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Consumer Affairs (3 August 2022)


As we explored in our previous article on loyalty cards, there are dangers in giving up too much information just to get a discount from your favorite supermarket or retail store. But many people don't have the option of traveling long distances or paying higher prices just to avoid the clutches of loyalty cards.

In Dawn V.'s hometown of Carbondale, Illinois, shopping choices are limited, but she still patronizes ...

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Consumer Affairs (11 July 2022)


When you're stacking up grocery items at the checkout line, you're probably not worried about whether your supermarket chain is compiling a profile of you based on what you buy, and storing that information for its own use. After all, who cares if you buy one brand of tissues over another, or favor name-brand microwave pizzas over store brands?

Supermarket chains care. So does CVS. So much so that they use discount cards (referred to ...

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