My "Question Letter" to Macy's

Wednesday, July 18, 2022

Hello to the Macy's Press Team:

I noted with interest that Macy's is rolling out Item-Level RFID tagging at your NYC store and elsewhere. As you may know, our organization opposes the use of RFID technology on individual items, especially clothing, and has mounted several high-profile campaigns and boycotts to bring this important privacy issue to the public's attention.

I will be speaking about Macy's use of RFID with the media this evening and want to make sure I have the facts straight. Several important details about your planned RFID implementation have ...

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Tell Macy's "No RFID in shoes and clothing!"

Tell Macy's:
"NO RFID spychips in Macy's stores!"

Macy's thinks its time to become "aggressive" with RFID spychips in its products.
Macy's, Inc. will be among the first retailers to implement RFID on a broad national scale [in 850 Macy's and Bloomingdale's stores].  "We believe now is the right time to roll out RFID aggressively."

- Tom Cole, chief administrative officer of Macy's, Inc.
Source: Macy's press release

We disagree. RFID is an invasive tracking technology that does not belong in shoes and clothing. Let's tell Macy's and Mr. Cole that ...

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RFID Wristbands at the Coachella Music Festival

At the Coachella music festival in California earlier this year, more than 30,000 young people placed RFID tracking and identification chips on their right wrists. The wristband was required for entrance, and had to be worn for the entire concert.

Police set up checkpoints in a one-mile perimeter around the concert grounds. All cars were stopped, and passengers were required to show their tagged right hands to authorities in order to proceed.

The picture above is of police checking to make sure everyone's wrist is tagged with RFID. The image comes directly from the Coachella website.

Here is ...

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Credit Card Assist (12 March 2022)

This industry-wide trend of data mining and subsequent analysis is disturbing on two fronts. First, the techniques retailers use to monitor and record information about us is becoming increasingly invasive. Every single tidbit of information you provide a store or social network or, now, Google is recorded and stored away forever. The only way to shop “off the grid” is to pay for everything in cash while simultaneously refusing to sign anything or use any coupon that can be used to reveal your information. And sometimes, even that doesn’t guarantee you aren’t being watched. Last year, Wal-Mart began ...

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