The New American Media (3 August 2022)

"Agree To Disagree" host Brian Engelman welcomes Dr. Katherine Albrecht to the program to discuss privacy.

Dr. Albrecht is a consumer privacy advocate, public speaker, technology expert, author of 6 books & videos & is a daily syndicated radio host on GCN.

Katherine & Brian talk about:
- The history of spy RFID chips & barcodes
- Facebook, Google & free e-mail services
- Edward Snowden & NSA spy tatics
- Obamacare, implantable chips & loss of medical privacy

Plus Bradley Manning, IRS, data hub, Agenda 21, smart meters, & more.

Please check out the completely private search engine that Katherine helped develop at:

& be sure to check out ...

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Promoting cashlessness and RFID in Kenya

The people of the African nation of Kenya are sooo hard to wean away from their anonymous cash. And their stores have almost no RFID payment infrastructure. So what's a power-hungry cabal of global overseers to do?

First, how about getting the nation's largest retailer, a chain called Nakumatt, to install computer hardware and software so they can track Kenyan's purchases through a "loyalty" card program. Make sure to require a valid ID or passport to get a card, since that way you can condition people to associate buying food with stringent ID demands.

Next, team Nakumatt ...

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The "Unbanked" and the "Underbanked"

The powers that be want your money. All of it. In their hands. Through the banks. They refer disparagingly to those of us who dislike banks as the "unbanked" and the "underbanked."

An interesting story in the Washington Post this week bemoans the fact that lots of Americans are dumping the banking system due to the "recession."

Released Wednesday, the study found that 821,000 households opted out of the banking system from 2009 to 2011 and that the so-called unbanked population grew to 8.2 percent of U.S. households.

That means that roughly 17 million adults are without ...

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Intellitix Promotional Video

Welcome to the future - where all payments will be managed by a number on your right wrist (or hand) and you will be scanned everywhere you go.

It's here now.

Watch the video below--but please watch it the first time through with the sound muted. You need to absorb what is happening intellectually, without allowing it to engage your cheerful emotions. Music has the power to set a mood, even against your will, and it is used here to make you accept this technology. (Even genocide, set to the right music, can be made to seem cool.)

Intellitix ...

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Macy's Provides Details on its RFID Program

Wow. Macy's made good on their promise to respond to our questions by close of business today. We received the thoughtful letter below at 4:58 PM from Jim Sluzewski, Macy's Senior VP of Corporate Communications & External Affairs. Thank you, Jim and the team at Macy's - it is clear you are trying to address our concerns as you understand them.

I am pasting Macy's letter in its entirety, below. Liz (McIntyre) and I have much to say about the individual points in this letter, but after 36 sleepless hours of non-stop work and overnight radio guesting ...

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