Printable Wallet Card - No Organ Donation

Dr. Paul Byrne of Life Guardian Foundation has agreed to allow me to post this printable wallet card (LINK) for my listeners to print and use for free.

This card tells medical providers you do not consent to organ donation, and instructs them to take every medically appropriate measure to save your life in the event you are in an accident or other emergency. Please print this and follow the directions.

The cost of this card is a $2 voluntary donation, which can be paid online with PayPal or a credit card. (I did.)

As I've pointed out on ...

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Katherine Albrecht in the ALS Challenge (10 October 2022)

This is the ALS challenge that Katherine Albrecht took part in in October 2014 when the network decided to participate in a fundraiser. In typical Katherine fashion, she went all out with a live science experiment! See what happens, and share in the laughter. For more information on ALS see: . Katherine decided not to engage in the Ice Bucket Challenge but instead made up her own version of the challenge for this very important cause. Donate to the ALS web site today! Your funds will go to critical research https://secure2 ...

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Talkers 2014

Hi, All,

I'm currently in New York City for the Talkers 2014 Conference.

I'm going to air a “best-of” program today. (An April interview with Dr. James Ball, who shared the topic of AMC Theaters playing sensory friendly films where children can talk and dance around.)

I'll be back in the studio on Monday!


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Last Night's Appearance on Coast to Coast AM

Last night (in the wee hours) I was the first-hour guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, a show with millions of listeners around the world.

I've posted links below to some things I discussed on the show. Thanks for listening!

This is the story I opened with

STARTPAGE - private search
The world's most private search engine. Safe from NSA spying. I helped create it!

STARTMAIL - private email (coming soon)
Watch my short video here, and reserve your private (upcoming) fully private paid email ...

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