"Beyond Belief!" See my TV interview with George Noory

So why was I trying to install a scary surveillance-ware video viewer on my computer yesterday? (See my Silverlight gargoyle entry below.) I was trying to watch my interview on "Beyond Belief" with George Noory, the awesome radio host who brings us Coast to Coast AM each night. That's the interview I flew to Boulder, Colorado to film last month before a live studio audience. It was super fun, and I am in Pilot Episode #3.

It's cool to see the interview finally get aired, even though I can't watch the preview on Gaim's website or ...

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Why I Bring the Bible into It

"Say what you know, do what you must, come what may."
     - 19th Century Mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya

"It is in vain to hope to please all alike. Let a man stand with his face in what direction he will, he must necessarily turn his back on one half of the world."
- 18th Century "Shock Jock" George Dennison Prentice

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."
    - 1st Century Revolutionary and Messiah Jesus Christ

If you've read the comments on this blog, you know several readers have taken me to task for bringing religion into discussion about ...

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Dark topics and discouragement

I'm struggling tonight as I create Powerpoint presentations for my three conference speeches to be presented in Canada next weekend. One of my speeches deals with the mark of the beast, so I've been compiling evidence for its development and imminent arrival through technology and society.

These themes are so dark and so palpably evil, however, that every time I delve into them I feel numb and achingly awful. Spiritually polluted. Poisoned.

Maybe these things should not be discussed? Or maybe just not by me? I am no longer sure.

Here is one piece of evidence:

But fornication ...

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Skylanders - RFID Portal to the Demonic for Kids

Would you let your kids play with this toy? The "portal of power" is an RFID reader, and the "toy" is RFID-tagged. Placing the demon image toy on the portal "brings it to life" by causing it to appear on the television screen in the video gaming environment. (Where it is equipped to kill.)

And here is a coloring page. Would it contribute to your kids' imaginative life to consume images like this?

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Promoting cashlessness and RFID in Kenya

The people of the African nation of Kenya are sooo hard to wean away from their anonymous cash. And their stores have almost no RFID payment infrastructure. So what's a power-hungry cabal of global overseers to do?

First, how about getting the nation's largest retailer, a chain called Nakumatt, to install computer hardware and software so they can track Kenyan's purchases through a "loyalty" card program. Make sure to require a valid ID or passport to get a card, since that way you can condition people to associate buying food with stringent ID demands.

Next, team Nakumatt ...

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