Hearing voices? Being Stalked?

I get lots of emails on gang stalking. Here is how I have been responding lately:

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling frightened of being monitored.

If you know who might have done this, and believe that you are being victimized by a specific individual (a former partner or a stalker) you may want to check out the resources available at the National Network to End Domestic Violence at www.NNEDV.org

See also: https://www.nnedv.org/resources/safetynetdocs/technology-safety-plan.html

If, on the other hand, the things that are happening to you seem too bizarre to ...

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Rise and Shine!

Living in a time of darkness and feeling the arrival of the global brain and the beast can be pretty dark. If you find yourself getting discouraged, the answer is to turn your face to the light, and then proactively sign up to play on the good team.

And after you're done letting the light shine on you, you can start letting the light shine through you.

I've printed the passage below from Isaiah and hung it on my wall. It reminds me that we are not meant to hide in a cave, or hang our heads and ...

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Check out the 1984 Smart Meter / ADT Future

It astonishes me that anyone in their right mind would even think of installing a video camera that can watch them inside their home and automatically upload their footage to "the cloud." (Or what I call "the global brain.")

The government couldn't get away with forcibly putting a system like this into America's homes, because we're armed. But by making it voluntary, ADT gets people to pay for it out of their own pockets. ADT's new "Pulse" system is linking up with the smart meter to make your inside of your home a data point in ...

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