On Marriage and Movie Stars

(I wrote this a few weeks before my surgery and never finished it. But if I don't hit "Publish" now before JLo moves on to somebody new, it will be ancient history.)

Why can't Jennifer Lopez stay married? Her three divorces and several high profile breakups indicate that Lopez has some serious struggles in the relationship area.

This year, JLo ended her marriage to singer Marc Anthony, her husband of eight years with whom she has two children. The 43-year-old Lopez quickly found a new boy-toy in 25-year-old Casper Smart (who is apparently also her employee).

The pair ...

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The world's 19th largest country

There's a nation out there that's nearly twice as big as Canada. It's bigger than England, France, or Italy. It has more than 70 million war-like inhabitants, who train daily on a variety of weapons.

It's the unreal nation of video gamers.



Staistics on video game players


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"Be Still my Soul"

Wow! My friend Michael Fisher just sent me this video link, and it gave me goosebumps. God is with us through every trial!

And for a more irreverent song that contains a reference to Michael's law-defying manicure antics, check out these Roy Zimmerman lyrics. (Regular listeners to my radio show will recognize this song immediately.)
(Post edited at Michael's request.)

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Beat the Iris Scanner? Or Get Had by the Iris Scammer?

A California doctor says that he can turn your brown eyes blue for just $5000. He claims to have a laser that take only 20 seconds to blast away the melanin pigment that gives brown eyes their color, revealing the blue beneath.

Changing your eye color would be pretty cool in this day of encroaching iris scanners, but there's just one catch: I can't find any evidence of this guy's business beyond today's sudden breathless media coverage.

Here is one of the media stories.  Here is another. There are tons more.
The main headline I've ...

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