Could SOY be contributing to society's new gender troubles?

Have you noticed all the recent news stories about gender confusion? An alarming  number of people claim to feel either incorrectly gendered, or altogether genderless. From "Chaz" Bono, to Warren Beatty's daughter-turned-son, to the Japanese guy who did not feel affiliated with either gender so he amputated his, um, unwanted parts (and then fed them to paying guests), this bizarre trend seems to be accelerating.

Could changing hormone profiles be the culprit?

The phytoestrogens found in soy foods are a controversial area of research. In a number of studies, they have been shown to adversely affect reproductive health, sexual ...

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Macy's Provides Details on its RFID Program

Wow. Macy's made good on their promise to respond to our questions by close of business today. We received the thoughtful letter below at 4:58 PM from Jim Sluzewski, Macy's Senior VP of Corporate Communications & External Affairs. Thank you, Jim and the team at Macy's - it is clear you are trying to address our concerns as you understand them.

I am pasting Macy's letter in its entirety, below. Liz (McIntyre) and I have much to say about the individual points in this letter, but after 36 sleepless hours of non-stop work and overnight radio guesting ...

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My "Question Letter" to Macy's

Wednesday, July 18, 2022

Hello to the Macy's Press Team:

I noted with interest that Macy's is rolling out Item-Level RFID tagging at your NYC store and elsewhere. As you may know, our organization opposes the use of RFID technology on individual items, especially clothing, and has mounted several high-profile campaigns and boycotts to bring this important privacy issue to the public's attention.

I will be speaking about Macy's use of RFID with the media this evening and want to make sure I have the facts straight. Several important details about your planned RFID implementation have ...

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Tell Macy's "No RFID in shoes and clothing!"

Tell Macy's:
"NO RFID spychips in Macy's stores!"

Macy's thinks its time to become "aggressive" with RFID spychips in its products.
Macy's, Inc. will be among the first retailers to implement RFID on a broad national scale [in 850 Macy's and Bloomingdale's stores].  "We believe now is the right time to roll out RFID aggressively."

- Tom Cole, chief administrative officer of Macy's, Inc.
Source: Macy's press release

We disagree. RFID is an invasive tracking technology that does not belong in shoes and clothing. Let's tell Macy's and Mr. Cole that ...

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Katherine in Detroit this week to discuss RFID and Spychipped ID Cards

New 05-05-08


From: [] On Behalf Of Katherine Albrecht
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Subject: [Caspian-newsletter-l] Katherine in Detroit this week to discuss RFID and Spychipped ID Cards


Hi, all:


I am headed to Detroit this week to speak on RFID, freedom, and Big Brother issues. I will be speaking at several events that are free and open to the public, courtesy of my friends at Peacemakers International Ministries. If you are in the area, I'd love to meet you! 


As you may know, Michigan is one of ...

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