Last Night's Appearance on Coast to Coast AM

Last night (in the wee hours) I was the first-hour guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, a show with millions of listeners around the world.

I've posted links below to some things I discussed on the show. Thanks for listening!

This is the story I opened with

STARTPAGE - private search
The world's most private search engine. Safe from NSA spying. I helped create it!

STARTMAIL - private email (coming soon)
Watch my short video here, and reserve your private (upcoming) fully private paid email ...

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Silverlight/Moonlight? Ick! Double Ick!

My interview on George Noory's new TV show, "Beyond Belief" is now available for viewing. But I can't watch it because I refuse to install "Moonlight."

Looking at these screens, would you? Sheesh.

What is that thing? A gargoyle? A demon? A nocturnal monkey creature? Whatever it is sitting creepily there in the dark, it does not inspire confidence.

Despite my better judgment, I kept clicking along... until I saw this complely insane warning message:

It's one thing to be tricked by unscrupulous programs into installing mal-ware and hidden loggers on your computer. Nobody can really blame ...

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Promoting cashlessness and RFID in Kenya

The people of the African nation of Kenya are sooo hard to wean away from their anonymous cash. And their stores have almost no RFID payment infrastructure. So what's a power-hungry cabal of global overseers to do?

First, how about getting the nation's largest retailer, a chain called Nakumatt, to install computer hardware and software so they can track Kenyan's purchases through a "loyalty" card program. Make sure to require a valid ID or passport to get a card, since that way you can condition people to associate buying food with stringent ID demands.

Next, team Nakumatt ...

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Barf-green striped carpet and naugahyde chairs

Three guesses, Baby.

Which major multinational corporation just shelled out a small fortune for this awful office space?

(Hint: The furniture is probably semi-sentient and already remotely surveiling you.)

If you haven't guessed it yet, this is Google's new British headquarters -- an unsettling cross between a 70's teenager's first apartment (complete with full, nauseous funkadelia and mismatched, yard-sale chairs) and Austin Powers' shagadelic command center.

One commenter calls the new decor "sinister." (Hey, s/he said it, not me.)

[S]top and think for a second, you're meant to lose yourself in the maelstrom of ...

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