My Journey of Faith Through Breast Cancer Video - A "Must Watch" to understand where I am now

This 30 minute video describes my journey through breast cancer. I pray you will take the time to watch it, since it sums up my walk of faith so far -- with many miles left to go. Making this video was one of the highlights of my life.

It's a testimony of how God helped me through breast cancer, but first I had to give up many things that I once held dear. God prunes and trims those who bear fruit for Him - and what a blessing it is to be pruned by the Lord's own hand.

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Dr Katherine Albrecht on the Mark of the Beast

This week we welcome Dr. Katherine Albrecht, privacy researcher, consumer advocate and bestselling author, who joins us for a wide-ranging discussion centred in her fascinating and compelling hypothesis that "the mark of the Beast" in the Book of Revelation might one day see literal fulfilment in the form of electronic identification devices implanted into human beings.

"He also caused everyone (small and great, rich and poor, free and slave) to obtain a mark on their right hand or on their forehead. Thus no one was allowed to buy or sell things unless he bore the mark of the beast – that ...

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ANGUILLA highlights from james Allen Walker on Vimeo.

Kumbaya - See a video of Katherine and team distributing books in Anguilla just three months ago

This video was filmed, edited and produced by James Allen Walker. It depicts the mission trip to the island of Anguila led by Katherine Albrecht in November 2014. For more, see


Someone's crying, my Lord, kum bay ya;

Someone's crying, my Lord, kum bay ya;
Someone's crying, my Lord, kum bay ya,
O Lord, kum bay ya.

Kum bay ya, my Love, kum bay ya;
Kum bay ya, my Lord, kum bay ya;
Kum bay ya, my Lord, kum bay ya,
O Lord, kum bay ya.

Someone's laughing, my Lord ...

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Celebrating Anguilla’s Christian Heritage (7 November 2021)

Anguilla observed its first of what will be an annual event: Anguilla’s Christian Heritage Week. From October 28th to November 4th activities designed to highlight our nation’s Christian roots ranged from school assemblies to gospel concerts. The theme was the above captioned.

We all love this thirty-five square miles of tears, dreams and faith. Thus we cannot but groan as each social malady scores a deep wound in the soul of our community. The erosion of social graces, widespread apathy towards education, abandonment of church attendance in favour of conscience-searing entertainment, white ...

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