"Beyond Belief!" See my TV interview with George Noory

So why was I trying to install a scary surveillance-ware video viewer on my computer yesterday? (See my Silverlight gargoyle entry below.) I was trying to watch my interview on "Beyond Belief" with George Noory, the awesome radio host who brings us Coast to Coast AM each night. That's the interview I flew to Boulder, Colorado to film last month before a live studio audience. It was super fun, and I am in Pilot Episode #3.

It's cool to see the interview finally get aired, even though I can't watch the preview on Gaim's website or ...

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Silverlight/Moonlight? Ick! Double Ick!

My interview on George Noory's new TV show, "Beyond Belief" is now available for viewing. But I can't watch it because I refuse to install "Moonlight."

Looking at these screens, would you? Sheesh.

What is that thing? A gargoyle? A demon? A nocturnal monkey creature? Whatever it is sitting creepily there in the dark, it does not inspire confidence.

Despite my better judgment, I kept clicking along... until I saw this complely insane warning message:

It's one thing to be tricked by unscrupulous programs into installing mal-ware and hidden loggers on your computer. Nobody can really blame ...

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Page removed from Facebook?

My "Katherine.Albrecht" Facebook account has somehow become "unavailable."

Is this just coincidence, or is it part of what Alex Jones Infowars reports on here? (My page is mentioned, but I've said nothing at all about guns or the 2nd amendment on my Facebook page - ever.) I am not jumping to conclusions, but will definitely be doing some investigation to get to the bottom of this.


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