How I survived my cancer treatments with coriolus mushroom

After my intense two-year battle with Stage IIIC breast cancer, I'm a big believer in chemotherapy, radiation, and other "conventional" treatments. They have improved my odds of living out my natural lifespan from 1-2% to still living and breathing today, which you'll have to admit is a big improvement. But as you know, conventional therapy can be very hard on the body.

One solution is to find natural, food-based solutions that have been scientifically shown to help mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment. One of the lifesaver supplements I took during my cancer treatment--and will take daily ...

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Still in NYC (with frustrating equipment)

Hello to my radio listeners! As I mentioned on Monday's show, I have been traveling in NYC yesterday and today doing some very cool things. (Partial report coming up on the air, perhaps as early as tomorrow.)

The drag today is that I cannot find an analog phone line in NYC to connect my 6-year-old Comrex Matrix radio transmission unit into. So for the second day in a row, I am forced to air a "best-of" show. (This one is good - a Feb 2012 interview with Leslie Simons Michelassi - a banking executive, credit card researcher, good friend and colleague ...

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Rise and Shine!

Living in a time of darkness and feeling the arrival of the global brain and the beast can be pretty dark. If you find yourself getting discouraged, the answer is to turn your face to the light, and then proactively sign up to play on the good team.

And after you're done letting the light shine on you, you can start letting the light shine through you.

I've printed the passage below from Isaiah and hung it on my wall. It reminds me that we are not meant to hide in a cave, or hang our heads and ...

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Check out the 1984 Smart Meter / ADT Future

It astonishes me that anyone in their right mind would even think of installing a video camera that can watch them inside their home and automatically upload their footage to "the cloud." (Or what I call "the global brain.")

The government couldn't get away with forcibly putting a system like this into America's homes, because we're armed. But by making it voluntary, ADT gets people to pay for it out of their own pockets. ADT's new "Pulse" system is linking up with the smart meter to make your inside of your home a data point in ...

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