About to be scanned for mets...

Today I will find out of my cancer treatment has kept the monster at bay.

I am in the nuclear medicine waiting room now, having been injected with technicium earlier this morning and being given two bottles of barium-laced iced tea to drink. (It's so much better than that old chalky stuff.) Any moment now they will call my name and lead me in for the CT scan.

They're scanning my liver, lungs, pelvis, and brain/head first, then I will have a bone scan at 11:45 that will look at my entire skeleton and skull. My ...

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Saturday 2/23
New Hampshire Liberty Forum

2/23, I am speaking and signing books and videos at 2:30 PM

Monday 2/25
San Antonio Community Forum on Chipping Students
Leon Valley Community Center
6421 Evers Road, San Antonio, Texas
Monday, February 25th
I'll be speaking on a panel from 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday 2/27
Brave New Bookstore in Austin, Texas
Brave New Books
1904 Guadalupe St. (Suite B), Austin, Texas
I'll be speaking and signing books and videos at 7:00 PM

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Hearing voices? Being Stalked?

I get lots of emails on gang stalking. Here is how I have been responding lately:

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling frightened of being monitored.

If you know who might have done this, and believe that you are being victimized by a specific individual (a former partner or a stalker) you may want to check out the resources available at the National Network to End Domestic Violence at www.NNEDV.org

See also: https://www.nnedv.org/resources/safetynetdocs/technology-safety-plan.html

If, on the other hand, the things that are happening to you seem too bizarre to ...

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