Three guesses, Baby.

Which major multinational corporation just shelled out a small fortune for this awful office space?

(Hint: The furniture is probably semi-sentient and already remotely surveiling you.)

If you haven't guessed it yet, this is Google's new British headquarters -- an unsettling cross between a 70's teenager's first apartment (complete with full, nauseous funkadelia and mismatched, yard-sale chairs) and Austin Powers' shagadelic command center.

One commenter calls the new decor "sinister." (Hey, s/he said it, not me.)

[S]top and think for a second, you're meant to lose yourself in the maelstrom of kitsch. Its contrived eclecticism is precisely the sort of disarming design that acts as political cover, innocence as a visual barrier, design as PR.

It's a well trodden road amongst all these nouveau riche mega-corps run by twenty-somethings. Ultimately this is pure propaganda - design as deception - "look we're Google, cute, fluffy and fun - you can trust us with all your personal information because we're just a down to earth kooky crew." No way, don't be deceived by some cheap tat and bright colours. Sinister.

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